University of Leicester Leverages AxCYCLE for Thermodynamic Cycle Design and Analysis

SoftInWay teams up with the University of Leicester to offer AxCYCLE, an industry-leading thermodynamic cycle design and analysis tool to students.

Burlington, MA, March 29, 2017 --( SoftInWay is excited to announce that the University of Leicester has joined the ranks of educational institutes leveraging SoftInWay’s turbomachinery design, analysis and optimization software. Aspiring engineers will now have the opportunity to use AxCYCLE, an industry-leading thermodynamic cycle design and analysis tool, which will allow these students to gain the practical skills needed to prepare for entry into the workplace.

Founded nearly a century ago, the University of Leicester is committed towards providing its students with a world-class education. Currently, the Engineering Department is one of the largest departments in the university and is known for its detailed and thorough research and expert curriculum. A top tier university requires reliable and dynamic tools, however, and it was with this in mind that the Leicester chose AxCYCLE as their go-to software for thermodynamics.

This software solution provides users with the ability to design, analyze and optimize different thermodynamic cycles via thermodynamic simulation and heat balance calculations. AxCYCLE is user-friendly and can simulate a number of different cycles including ORC, steam, gas, combined, supercritical CO2, and much more.

“Everything starts with education. An engineering student becomes an engineering professional striving towards innovation and technological advancement. At SoftInWay, we are proud to work with a university as passionate as Leicester and look forward to collaborating with them in order to contribute to the growing engineering community. When we work with universities our goal is to create a long term mutually beneficial relationship based off of honesty, trust, and integrity. We feel this is the start of just that and we can’t wait to see what the future holds,” said SoftInWay’s Chief Operating Officer, Valentine Moroz.

“Each decision we make is with our students in mind. It is our job as educators to provide all the necessary resources to give them the best start possible. We carefully looked at a number of different thermodynamic software platforms and eventually chose AxCYCLE. The platform is affordable, flexible and accomplishes everything we need,” said Dr. Audrius Bagdanavicius, a Lecturer at the University of Leicester. “We look forward to using AxCYCLE and are excited to begin what we hope will be a long relationship with SoftInWay.”

About SoftInWay Inc.
SoftInWay Inc. is a best-in-class engineering company specializing in developing efficient turbomachinery and power plants by offering their industry leading turbomachinery development platform, AxSTREAM ® for design, redesign, and turbomachinery components, as well as engineering services and educational courses. Additionally, SoftInWay also offers AxCYCLE for the design, analysis, and optimization of thermodynamic cycles and AxSTREAM NET for secondary flows and cooling systems.

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