Meggitt Defense Systems Leverages AxSTREAM to Develop Next Generation of Turbomachinery & Propulsion Technology

SoftInWay is proud to announce a new collaboration with Meggitt Defense Systems. Two powerhouses within their respective industries, these companies will be working together to bring the next generation of Meggitt’s turbomachinery technology to the Aerospace and Defense Industry. - July 24, 2022

SoftInWay Proceeds with Phase II NASA SBIR Contract to Change Turbomachinery Design Methodology for Industry

Turbomachinery R&D forerunner awarded second contract in NASA-sponsored artificial intelligence project that looks to catapult the aerospace industry into a new era of design technology. - June 17, 2021

SoftInWay and Argonne National Laboratory Announce the Expansion of eVTOL R&D Tool in Latest STTR Contract

A marriage of turbomachinery R&D and battery technology. - May 12, 2021

SoftInWay Unveils Co-Simulation Environment in the Latest Release of AxSTREAM ION

Leading R&D engineering company releases the newest version of its co-simulation program, enabling companies to develop better products quicker with less iterations and lower development costs. - June 18, 2020

SoftInWay Announces “No Turbomachinery Engineer Left Behind!”

Engineering R&D Company enters its finest hour, offering free educational software and courses to engineers affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. - April 02, 2020

SoftInWay Group Begins Strategic Partnership with Avio SpA

Turbomachinery and Aerospace dream-team is formed in European Space Race - March 26, 2020

SoftInWay Gives Back to the Engineering Community

Turbomachinery Mainstay Donates Commercial Software to AIAA Competition for 9th year in a row. - March 04, 2020

SoftInWay Partners with Engineering Software Giant Siemens

SoftInWay Inc., the global market leader for turbomachinery design and analysis software has joined forces with the software arm of German powerhouse, Siemens. The new partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software means a vast expansion of the software portfolio for SoftInWay’s clients. - February 19, 2020

SoftInWay Wins USAF Contract to Develop Multi-Use Hypersonic Engine

Major Turbomachinery Player Begins New Decade with Hypersonic Engine R&D Project - January 26, 2020

SoftInWay, Inc. Supports Future Engineers Competing in TEKNOFEST 2019

SoftInWay, Inc. is proud to announce its sponsorship of more than 130 undergraduates and graduates from universities including İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi and Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi who took part in the TEKNOFEST Turbofan Motor Design Competition; offering competitors... - October 17, 2019

SoftInWay, Inc. Announces AS9100 Certification

Powerhouse turbomachinery software and consulting firm demonstrates continued commitment to high quality standards for aerospace products and services. - June 13, 2019

SoftInWay and GTI Develop Design for Revolutionary New Engine

SoftInWay, Inc. and GTI announce the concept of a new kind of heat engine with the potential to achieve greater than 65% net electrical or mechanical power-conversion efficiency and provide ultra-low pollutant emissions at a competitive cost. In this DOE-funded project led by GTI, the partners are... - May 02, 2019

Orbex and University of Alabama Leverage SoftInWay’s Newly Launched AxSTREAM Space™ Bundle

Orbex and the University of Alabama have become the latest commercial and educational organizations respectively, to leverage AxSTREAM Space™, specifically developed for space application and design of turbopump components and systems in rocket engines. - December 13, 2018

The National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute Incorporates AxSTREAM® Courses Into Its Curriculum

NTU “KhPI” will be teaching AxSTREAM® in its design of turbomachinery class focused on both theoretical and practical application of the software for compressor and turbine design. NTU “KhPI” will also be taking advantage of AxCYCLE™ for thermodynamic design and analysis. - March 30, 2018

AxSTREAM ION – Optimized and Automated Turbomachinery Design

SoftInWay, a leading R&D engineering company specializing in turbomachinery, announced the release of its newest software product, AxSTREAM ION™ for optimized and automated design. - June 28, 2017

University of Leicester Leverages AxCYCLE for Thermodynamic Cycle Design and Analysis

SoftInWay teams up with the University of Leicester to offer AxCYCLE, an industry-leading thermodynamic cycle design and analysis tool to students. - March 29, 2017

SoftInWay and OPEN MIND Technologies Offer Total Turbomachinery Solution

SoftInWay Inc. and OPEN MIND Technologies AG announce a cooperation agreement to provide a complete solution for the design, development and manufacturing of gas turbine components and other types of turbomachinery. Both companies are known for their best-in-class software platforms that provide... - February 18, 2017

BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd) Leverages SoftInWay’s Flagship Software AxSTREAM for Industrial Fan Design

BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.), India’s largest manufacturer of auxiliary fans for power and industrial applications, has switched to SoftInWay's software, AxSTREAM® for industrial fan design. - January 14, 2017

SoftInWay Unveils Newly Redesigned Website

It was with crossed fingers and excited jitters that the SoftInWay team launched the new and improved The past few months had been leading up to the release of a fully redesigned and user-friendly browsing experience and the company couldn’t have been more thrilled to see the... - October 19, 2016

Softinway Hosts a Free Webinar Called Supercritical CO2 Cycle - Advanced Power Conversion Technology

SoftInWay Inc. is inviting engineers to participate in a free one hour webinar “Supercritical CO2 Cycle - Advanced Power Conversion Technology” that will take place Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 at 10am EST and Wednesday January 9th, at 4pm EST. - December 15, 2012

SoftInWay to Exhibit @ Power-Gen 2012, Booth #4348 and Showcase Latest Designing ORC / Critical CO2 Cycle and Retrofitting Older Steam & Gas Turbine Strategies

SoftInWay team will be located in booth 4348 and presenting the latest advancements in their Industry leading Turbomachinery Software Suite: AxSTREAM – the market leading tool for the rapid design, analysis and optimization of Turbomachinery. - December 08, 2012

SoftInWay Donates AxSTREAM EDU to Engineering Student Teams Participating in AIAA/IGTI Engine Design Competition

SoftInWay will support AIAA/IGTI Engine Design Competition by providing Student Teams with the educational version of their turbomachinery design software, AxSTREAM EDU. - October 11, 2012

ITRI and SoftInWay Collaborated to Develop a Next Generation ORC Turbine

Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, a leader in the Taiwanese High Tech and Clean Energy Research initiatives, has partnered with SoftInWay on a new major undertaking: to break the efficiency frontier and to develop a new and innovative type of ORC Turbine. - September 29, 2012

SoftInWay Hosts a Free Webinar Called Green Energy - Turbomachinery for ORC

SoftInWay Inc. is inviting engineers to participate in a free one-hour webinar “Green energy - Turbomachinery for ORC” that will take place on Thursday, October 18th at 10 am EST. In this 1-hour webinar the key aspects of green energy generation utilizing the ORC cycle will be... - September 22, 2012

SoftInWay Presents AxSLICE Tool to Rev Up the Turbomachinery Redesign Process

SoftInWay Inc. has launched a new tool AxSLICE, allowing engineers to speed up the turbomachinery redesign process by processing raw scanned data to analyze and optimize blades. - April 17, 2011

AxSTREAM to Assist SMTU Students with Marine Turbine Design

The State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg has adopted AxSTREAM Educational Version to teach turbomachinery design and optimization to students of the Department of Marine Turbines and Turbine Plants. - April 01, 2011

SoftInWay Partners with Continuous Control Solutions to Increase Reliability of Turbomachinery

SoftInWay Inc. has concluded a partnership agreement with Continuous Control Solutions to provide the power generation and oil & gas community with turbomachinery design for increased reliability. - March 25, 2011

Students of Bauman Moscow State Technical University Will Use AxSTREAM to Learn and Practice Turbomachinery Design

Kaluga Branch of Bauman Moscow State Technical University has adopted AxSTREAM to teach turbomachinery design. - March 03, 2011

AxSTREAM 3.0 Software for Turbomachinery Design and Optimization Has Been Launched

SoftInWay Inc. has released the third generation of AxSTREAM software for turbomachinery flow path design and optimization. - December 18, 2010

SoftInWay Turbomachinery Solutions to Organize Its First Training in India

SoftInWay Turbomachinery Solutions announces the first training course on design and optimization with AxSTREAM 3.0 in Bangalore, on January 17-21, 2011. - December 18, 2010

SoftInWay to Present a New Approach to Multistage Centrifugal Compressor Design During the 39th Turbomachinery Symposium

SoftInWay Inc. will be presenting a new approach to design of multistage centrifugal compressors during the 39th Turbomachinery Symposium in Houston, TX, USA, on October 4-7, 2010. - October 02, 2010

SoftInWay Announces Turbomachinery Training Schedule for July-December 2010

SoftInWay Inc., a global supplier of software and services for turbomachinery design engineers, has scheduled educational events for the second part of 2010. - June 06, 2010

SoftInWay Introduces Online Courses to Train Turbomachinery Design Engineers

SoftInWay Inc. has launched online training courses to enable mechanical and aerospace engineers to gain practical knowledge of turbomachinery design and optimization without leaving their offices. - February 28, 2010

TEI Selects AxSTREAM to Develop the Aircraft Engine Industry in Turkey

Tusas Engine Industry Inc. has selected the AxSTREAM software suite for turbomachinery flow path design, analysis and multidisciplinary optimization to design aircraft engines. - September 23, 2009

SoftInWay Appoints EURO/CFD as a Distributor to Promote AxSTREAM Turbomachinery Design Software in France

SoftInWay Inc. announces that EURO/CFD became its distributor to drive awareness of the AxSTREAM software suite for turbomachinery design, analysis and optimization in France. - August 09, 2009

Penn State Has Adopted AxSTREAM Software to Teach Turbomachinery Design

The Pennsylvania State University has adopted AxSTREAM software for turbomachinery design, analysis and optimization to incorporate it into the curriculum of its Engineering Department. - August 06, 2009

Training Course on Steam Turbine Fundamentals by SoftInWay is Already Available

SoftInWay presents new course "Steam Turbine Fundamentals" for engineers working on turbine design and optimization. The course contains basics of gas dynamics, thermodynamics, structural analysis and design of steam turbine and its elements. - July 05, 2009

SoftInWay Has Scheduled Educational Events for Engineers for July-December 2009

SoftInWay has scheduled its training series dedicated to turbomachinery design engineers for July-December 2009. - July 02, 2009

SoftInWay Offers AxSTREAM Educational Version for Turbomachinery Design to Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary

This year SoftInWay Inc., a world-recognized leader of turbomachinery design and analysis software, celebrates its 10th anniversary. On this occasion the company grants a free group license to use its Educational Version for Turbomachinery Flow Path Design to 10 universities. - February 20, 2009

SoftInWay Expands Its Team to Meet the Growing Demand for Turbomachinery Design Software

A world-known developer of AxSTREAM™ - software for turbomachinery flow path design and multidisciplinary optimization, SoftInWay Inc has added two new members to its Sales and Marketing Team. Ronnie Lindgren joined SoftInWay as International Sales Manager to drive awareness of AxSTREAM software worldwide, and Chris Bocci will primarily focus on SoftInWay sales and consulting services in North America in the capacity of National Sales Manager. - January 19, 2009

SoftInWay Has Announced Its Turbomachinery Design Educational Events for First 6 Months of 2009

A world-known provider of turbomachinery engineering software, SoftInWay Inc. announces a schedule of its educational events related to turbomachinery flow path design, analysis and optimization for first six months of 2009. - December 19, 2008

SoftInWay Announces a Bundle on Its Innovated AxSTREAM Educational Version for Winter/Spring Semester

SoftInWay Inc., a global provider of cutting-edge software for turbomachinery flow path design, analysis and optimization, has launched an innovated release of its AxSTREAM Education Version. The new software features all the latest SoftInWay developments, among which are the implementation of Campbell diagram, an enhanced Euler flow solver, more detailed Mollier diagram and the adaptation of the Streamline Solver to centrifugal compressors. - December 18, 2008

SoftInWay Presents a New Version of AxSTREAM™ Software for Turbomachinery Flow Path Design and Optimization

SoftInWay has launched a new release of AxSTREAM™ Turbomachinery Flow Path Design, Analysis and Optimization Software. Release, focused on optimizing turbomachinery and smoothing the design process, essentially combines the enhanced features of previous AxSTREAM versions with the latest developments of SoftInWay. - December 06, 2008

SoftInWay Training on Turbomachinery Flow Path Design Will Take Place in Dusseldorf, Germany, December 3-5, 2008

SoftInWay training on turbomachinery flow path design will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, December 3-5, 2008. This workshop is focused on multidisciplinary optimization of flow path with AxSTREAM™ and will disclose the latest innovations in the software. - October 02, 2008

SoftInWay Introduces an Innovated Educational Version for Turbomachinery Flow Path Design.

SoftInWay relaunches its AxSTREAM™ Educational Version for Design and Optimization of Turbomachinery Flow Paths. The current version has its new key element – Streamline Solvers. - September 16, 2008

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