Vladimir Krylov, Artezio Expert, “AI will Soon be Able to Replace Doctors”

Moscow, Russia, July 16, 2017 --(PR.com)-- “In many cases a diagnosis made by Watson, IBM’s supercomputer used for diagnosis of oncological diseases, was first treated with much skepticism but during additional examination it was generally confirmed. Today AI is mostly implemented in screening research, and it has already showed excellent results. Watson achieved considerable progress in assisting with the development of new drugs and predicting their effect. It is only one most known AI that has initially started its training at a game show,” says the scientist.

Vladimir Krylov believes that despite considerable success it is still early to talk about complete automation of the diagnostic process and medical treatment.

“As for therapy, at present there is no legal framework regarding the AI technology in healthcare, and AI systems can only support doctors acting as consultants and advisors. In fact, insurance companies often use systems based on AI to compare treatment plans in insurance events. Thus, it proves that the existing systems are already able to replace doctors in many cases. The problem here lies in the fact that it is necessary to systematize all available patients’ data. Unfortunately, today, medical institutions lack capabilities to have access to all patients’ aspects of life. For this reason, the role of a doctor is still important nowadays. However, being behind the best doctors, AI systems are becoming more and more effective diagnosticians and provide more successful medical treatment than mid-level and mediocre doctors can,” adds Krylov.

Artezio expert predicts that implementation of AI in the medical field will be constantly growing. He is confident that a level of distrust to such technologies in medicine is not higher than to any other new technological or program developments. Krylov adds that judging by the foreign publications the healthcare industry is as conservative to implementation of AI as to any other new diagnostic technologies or competitors in treatment methods.
Alexander Nikolaichuk, PR manager, Artezio
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