DLI.tools Inc. Releases New App Dev Platform and Killer IBM Lotus Notes App Migration Tools

DLI.tools Inc. Releases New App Dev Platform and Killer IBM Lotus Notes App Migration Tools
Mississauga, Canada, August 01, 2017 --(PR.com)-- DLI.tools Inc. is excited to announce the release of DOCOVA® Version 5.0. DOCOVA has been used by companies all over the world to create applications to manage critical business information. DOCOVA runs on-premises or in DOCOVA's platform as a service (PaaS) cloud solution.

DOCOVA V5.0 introduces major enhancements that transition it from a document management system into a low-code application development platform. Along with the new enhancements, DOCOVA introduces powerful tools to enable companies with legacy IBM® Lotus Notes® applications migrate them to the more modern DOCOVA platform. Moving forward, customers can then use DOCOVA to continue to enhance the migrated apps and build new ones, fast.

Apps help organizations get to market faster, create new revenue streams, optimize operations and provide exceptional customer experiences. The window of opportunity can close quickly when it takes to long to automate business processes and deliver great enterprise apps. DOCOVA V5’s development platform takes care of components like database design, full-text searching and security infrastructure so that IT can focus purely on feature development and meeting business-side, strategic application requests quickly.

DOCOVA V5 makes it easy for companies to collaborate across their organization as well as with external business partners and suppliers. All users have one familiar and engaging way to interact with applications and share information to drive productivity.

“…apps can be built with no coding in a drag-and-drop interface…”

“We’ve introduced a new customizable workspace to allow users to easily manage their applications and information in one place. We’ve also added an application builder that helps organizations build business apps fast,” says John Ryan, CTO. “With the DOCOVA App Builder™ apps can be built with no coding in a drag-and-drop interface, or for pro developers, leverage more powerful tools to build sophisticated solutions.”

Additionally, in this release of DOCOVA, powerful migration tools have been added to help companies migrate off their IBM Lotus Notes and Domino environments.

Many companies still have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of IBM Lotus Notes applications across their enterprise. Re-coding these is simply not practical and can add years and potentially millions of dollars to a migration.

“It does the heavy lifting.”

“Using the sophisticated and integrated DOCOVA App Importer™ companies can migrate and modernize the design, business logic, security, database schema and application data of all their Notes applications to DOCOVA via an automated process. It does the heavy lifting,” says Gary Walsh, CEO. “The migration tools and the DOCOVA Migration Methodology™ represent the most complete, end-to-end migration solution for moving off Notes and Domino.”

The migration tools are designed so that organizations can DIY (do-it-yourself) or have DLI.tools or a qualified DOCOVA business partner perform the migrations. “The new migration tools allow orphaned IBM Lotus Notes business partners and consultants retain their customers and generate new business,” adds Mr. Walsh.

DOCOVA® is developed by DLI.tools Inc. DLI.tools was founded in 2001 and is a self-funded, privately owned software development company headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Visit http://www.docova.com for more information.

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