What In Focus Brands Learned in South Africa with ActivShot

In Focus Brands was on the ground in South Africa with Golf Rewards and ActivShot SA, the owner of the patented technology ACECam to outline international launch strategies, to create international partner, affiliate and investor relationships and to work with the newest version of the technology.

Dallas, TX, August 08, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The In Focus Brands’ South Africa deployment team with ActivShot Co-Founder Brent Martin needed to be on the ground with the inventor and manufacturer to build the cohesive team that will lead the launch of ActivShot. International teaming strategies, execution plans for each country, added knowledge on the updated units were all part of the sessions. Jill Daye of In Focus Brands adds: “We as a company have always integrated strategies to execution and a large part of that integration is being in the trenches with our ventures. This trip is focused on building a brand and the systems to live up to that brand internationally.”

The new ActivShot units will feature many updated technology and design revisions to ensure the product will deliver for golf courses and golfers across the globe. Some of the key upgrades include: the ability to analyze golf ball brands being used, improved video streaming, and the addition of technology sponsored by Intel. Intel Ignition labs has been aiding the technical team with R&D in South Africa. The updated units are being manufactured now and we expect a US delivery by late Fall, 2017. US trials will be conducted at selected golf courses across the USA to highlight the features and revenue channels. Please contact JillD@infocusbrands.com to learn more about getting your golf course into the ActivShot Universe (Community).

ActivShot Co-Founder Brent MArtin adds: "Our partnership with the South African team continues to flourish and to prepare us for continued international expansions. The capabilities of this incredible technology will generate multiple revenue streams in numerous verticals. The future of how the game of golf is played begins now. We cannot wait to schedule demos in the US."

Renier du Plessis, the Founder and Inventor of ActivShot and Golf Rewards, sums up the trip. "The partnership between our South African Team and In Focus Brands will continue to drive innovation in golf initially and other sports in the near future. This unique, collaborative balance between state of the art technology and incredible branded experiences is inspiring."

To learn more, please visit ActivShot online.

ActivShot USA (www.activshot.com) is the owner of the patented and trademarked ACECam, the IOT hardware technology that allows golf clubs around the globe to offer players the opportunity to participate in golf challenges and unique contests.

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