Rebuild Communities While Doing Good for the Environment

Help America Green Solar rebuild communities while doing good for the environment. America Green Solar is launching solar heating with a campaign directed at helping communities affected by recent natural disasters.

New York, NY, October 08, 2017 --( With America Green Solar’s successful work in Painting America Green with solar panel systems, AGS wants to be the first solar heating provider in the nation with a product manufactured in North America. America Green will launch the 100% Renewable Dual Campaign. In this campaign, America Green will introduce the America Green SHS Max. Solar Heating is the next phase in renewables, reducing carbon footprints, and utilizing recycling at the same time. The products are made from upcycled materials including aluminum cans, preventing them from being disposed in our oceans, landfills, and incinerators. Taking waste out of our environment and providing a green solution to heating has been truly gratifying and ground breaking.

With this campaign, America Green Solar is turning to the people who care the most about our planet...You! America Green is looking for funding to help build prototypes more rapidly and help combat climate change. For every 20,000 in funds raised, America Green Solar will donate solar units to homes in need after the devastation of recent natural disasters, including Puerto Rico, Texas, South Florida, the US Virgin Islands, and more.

America Green Solar is committed to doing good for communities and the environment as a whole. Paint America Green with us and together we can change the world.

View their campaign and help America Green Solar save communities while saving the environment:

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