Screwtape Launches Kickstarter for Damsel

Brisbane, Australia, October 10, 2017 --( Screwtape launches Kickstarter for the trope busting Damsel; Empowerment with a side of vampires.

Australian game developer Screwtape Studios have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Damsel - a beautiful, challenging, arcade platformer with an action hero, female lead facing off against an army of irresponsible corporate vampires.

On the campaign launch, Product Manager Megan Summers said, “We’re really excited to show Damsel to the world. It gives us the opportunity to prove that you can have a traditional, challenging experience that appeals to a wider audience. Damsel isn’t intimidating, and by the time you realize the game is pushing you, you’re already hooked.”

On the character, Creative Director Anthony Wood said, “There can never be too many empowering role models for people, and with Damsel we’ve created a fun, relatable character for players to embody while learning the value of planning and perseverance in the face of a serious challenge.”

Quick facts:

The Kickstarter runs until Sunday, October 29th. The team is seeking $50,000AUD to complete the project.

A demo of the game is available at the Kickstarter page.

The final days of the Campaign will coincide with PAX AUS 2017 where the developers will be on hand to talk about and demonstrate the game.

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Damsel Kickstarter Page:
Damsel PressKit:
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Twitter: @damselgame @screwtapestudio

About Screwtape Studios: Screwtape Studios is a small studio with big ambition. Formed in 2010 and after a number of years developing mobile titles, we're now making our debut PC/Console game, Damsel. We strive to create immersive, engaging, challenging entertainment for video game veterans and newcomers alike.

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