Lawyer Analytix Allows Users to Measure the Performance of Lawyers in Houston aims to change the way lawyer performance is viewed.

Houston, TX, November 11, 2017 --( Local agencies, investigative firms, and average locals can now get the full scoop on lawyers in Houston Texas, a Part of greater Harris county., a software as a service platform, provides visual analytics on active Harris county criminal defense lawyers providing a ton of information at your fingertips allowing you to make meaningful decisions and gain a wealth of information on individual lawyers and the Harris County court case system.

According to Scott Faisal CTO at Lawyer Analytix™, "I wanted to create a lawyer research tool that would provide meaningful pertinent information to the average consumer that is quantifiable rather than the typical online reviews most of which are fake or created by marketing agencies. Our proprietary model provides real time information using actual court case data and is able to provide metrics on thousands of lawyers on a per county basis in a very fast and efficient manner."

For average consumers this is great news since they now can evaluate recent lawyer performance to make informed decisions, but this is also very useful for a handful of investigative agencies that want to know more about lawyers they are tracking.

Lawyer Analytix™ engine can be seen at and presently provides dashboards analytics on lawyers in Houston. These dashboards provide information like previous case updates, case outcomes, lawyer specializations, sentencing, and defendant information. Additional counties are slated to be added later in the development schedule. The SAAS platform if capable of being deployed and provisioned with an unlimited number of configurations. It also is mobile friendly and can be accessed in a host of devices.

Lawyer Analytix™ has also confirmed that trending and forecasting using advanced machine learning algorithms is something that they are looking into and that additional iterations of the platform will allow for useful dashboards. For Harris county residents, this is great news as they now have yet another avenue to navigate in the legal landscape.
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