Creative BioMart to Expand Its Protein Glycosylation Labeling Service Capacity to Meet Rising Demands

New York, NY, November 26, 2017 --( Creative BioMart, a global leader in the supply of high quality protein products and efficient protein manufacturing techniques, today announced a major expansion of its Protein Glycosylation Labeling Service capacities as a response to rising customer needs and market demands for characterizing glycan structure and monitoring glycan profiles.

With years of experience accumulated, Creative BioMart provides accurate solutions for characterizing glycan structure and monitoring glycan profiles using mAb-Glyco Chip technology, LC/MS, liquid chromatography systems, and electrophoresis. Services in Creative BioMart include: Annotate N-linked glycosylation, Annotate O-linked glycosylation, Annotate C-linked glycosylation, Annotate glycationn, Glycan staining or labeling, Glycoprotein purification or enrichment and Glycoproteome and Glycome Analysis by Mass Spectrometry.

As Lectins can be used to detect and analyze glycoprotein function, Creative BioMart also provides services utilizing lectins, which include Glycoprotein identification, Glycoprotein purification/enrichment, Characterization of cell surface glycoconjugates, Glycosylation mutant generation, as well as Gtf and glycosidase activity analysis.

“With the customers’ needs for Protein Glycosylation Labeling increased, we are quite pleased to develop more qualified offerings concerning this with our current services quality assured. We must work hard for early results. Guaranteed by our advanced techniques, we do believe the day is no faraway to come,” commented the chief marketing staff in Creative BioMart.

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