TVS Global Media Sets 60th Anniversary in 2018 with Expansion of the TVS Post Cable Network Service on Daily Motion and ROKU

TVS Radio Network began in 1958 with coverage of NCAA Basketball Tournament. TVS Television Network which began in 1960, is the fourth oldest broadcast TV network in the USA. TVS Records and Home Video was established in 1995. TVS Magazines was established in 2010. All divisions of TVS Global Media will celebrate the Legacy Media company in 2018 with special events and programs.

Bakersfield, CA, January 01, 2018 --( TVS Global Media has set a series of special events and programming to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the legacy media company. Foremost in the events will be the establishment of multiple platforms for the post cable network TVS Television Network. Also involved will be expansion of the TVS Radio Network from IPTV and Mobile to include a regular network service on broadcast radio stations. TVS Magazines will all join in the 60th Anniversary celebration with special articles highlighting TVS achievements in the last 60 years.

TVS TV is introducing 32 new TV series in 2018. Lucha Loco, Pulling For Glory, Wild Wheels, Bowlarama, Basket Cases, Hot Pockets, Silver Skates, Ice Wars, Big Shot Baseball, Big Shot Golf, One Club Golf, Cowtown, SPORT LOOK, Bowling Illustrated on TV, Boxing Illustrated on TV, Tavern TV Illustrated on TV, Car and Track Magazine Illustrated, IWA Wrestling Parade on TV, TVS TeleSports, TVS Sports Showcase, and Distant Replay all debut new episodes in 2018 from TVS Sports. All TVS programming appears on the post cable network.

Non sports programming on TVS Television Network in 2018 include Senior Prom, Stardust Ballroom, Boomin' Reunion, Comedy Chunks, Port O Call, Sidewalk Gourmet, Midnight Refrain, Kopy Kats, Spaghetti Westerns, Music Movies, and
Wild (And Crazy) Animals.

All TVS Television Network series will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of TVS.

TVS Radio Network.Com has expanded to 48 TVS radio shows covering sports, music, television, movies, and entertainment. All titles will produce special programming reflecting the legacy media company.

TVS will celebrate the 60th Anniversary with legacy network articles in the twelve TVS magazines.

TVS Records and Home Videos will produce anniversary collections of various TVS programming from the past 60 years.

TVS was founded in 1958 by Eddie Einhorn, who then built a television empire in the 1960's and became the largest independent TV network. Collegiate Basketball, Major College Football, PBA and LPBT Bowling, Championship Boxing, USAC and NASCAR, PGA and LPGA Golf, Pro Tennis, AIAW Championships, and the World Football League. TVS also established the IWA Wrestlijng organization, which was the first national television treatment of wrestling. In 1990, TVS was acquired by Tom Ficara, who has owned and operated the legacy network for the past 28 years. TVS has a "movie ranch," plus television and radio production facilities in Southern California.
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