New Sea Aged Wine. Aged in Tanks on Land, the Wine in Bottles Has a Controlled Temperature and in Complete Darkness. First Batch Nearing Completion.

X├ábia, Spain, January 08, 2018 --( Sea Aged Wine. Not just for the rich but now available for all.

It has been said many times at tastings that Sea Aged Wine does taste different and it does have a uniqueness about it. (Joanna Lumley & Jennifer Saunders. Stated on this BBC wine program).

And often it is said that it's “A taste you never forget.” -Graham Smith, Inventor of the sea aged wine tank.

The wine is not magically changed by being submersed in sea water, science does come in to play. Wine in a bottle is subject to conduction when surrounded by the sea water, this allows the wine to age evenly and rapidly. Unlike in a cellar which is ageing by convection and can have temperature differentials on the bottle itself, which slows the ageing process.

What's unique about this particular Sea Aged Wine, is that it's aged in Mediterranean sea water in patented tanks on land. This ensures that the temperature is maintained and the bottles are in complete darkness, unlike in the sea itself where pollution can contaminate the bottles. In the sea the desired ageing temperature cannot be maintained, and pressure can cause seepage into the bottles.

The environment also benefits from sea ageing wine, in tanks on land. There is now no need to drop large crates of wine onto the sea bed, which is where marine life lives and in some places could be damaged beyond repair.

Now the first batch of Sea Aged “Campo Viejo Al corta” is ready for tasting. This batch has already been cellar aged for 7 years. It now has the benefit of 3 months sea ageing in the patented tanks.

Soon a video and pictures of the tasting will be available on the company's website. ( This will show the bottles of sea aged wine being opened and tasted.

No longer costing €180 or $220 for a sea aged wine bottle, it is now estimated to be more affordable €49 or $65 When aged in the tanks. Perfect for weekends, anniversary's, birthdays, and any special occasion, this wine with its unique taste will be a great option.

Sea Aged Wine the company can age almost all wines from all vineyards. They can be contacted in Spain Tel 0034 662 406 516 or email

The company can also age wines from other producers and vineyards in this way. If this service is of interest to you please contact them.
Sea Aged Wine
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