TVS Television Network Launches IWA Wrestling Parade TV Series Lucha Loco

IWA Wresling Parade, the TVSMagazines.Com publication, is now presenting Lucha Loco, a music video 13 episode TV series from IWA Wrestling on the TVS Television Network. The ad supported, free to view show, features the Chicago based GALLI Lucha wrestlers.

Bakersfield, CA, January 08, 2018 --( TVS Television Network has launched Lucha Loco, a 13 episode music video show from it's IWA Wrestling Parade E Magazine. This all new video production from TVS comes from GALLI Lucha Wrestling in Chicago and in Bakersfield, CA. IWA Wrestling was formed by TVS in 1975 as the first national pro wrestling telecast.

Lucha Loco appears on the TV portion of IWA Wrestling Parade.Com, a TVS EMagazine. TVS will be producing 52 episodes of Lucha Loco for 2018. The show is headed by IWA Wrestling Champion Mojo McQueen.

Also appearing on IWA Wrestling Parade.Com is the 26 episode series Classic IWA Superstars, which features Hall of Fame wrestlers from the initial IWA Wrestling series of the 1970's. Wresters include IWA Wrestling Champion Emeritus Mil Mascaras, plus IWA stars such as Rip Hawk, Bulldog Brower, The Mighty Igor, The Sheik, Bobo Brazil, Thunderbolt Patterson, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Ernie Ladd, Tex McKenzie, Gino Brito and Dino Bravo, The Love Brothers, Eric The Red, Jim Wilson, and Hacksaw Reynolds.

IWA Wrestling Parade Magazine can be found at TVSMagazines.Com, where other TVS Magazines such as Boxing Illustrated, Bowling Illustrated, TVS SPORT Magazine, and TVS Tavern TV Illustrated are also located.

About TVS Television Network: TVS Television Network is the fourth oldest broadcast television network in the USA. It has been televising sports and entertainment programming since 1960 including Collegiate Basketball, Major College Football Bowl Games, World Football League, NASL Soccer, IWA Wrestling, LPBT Bowling, ABA Basketball, NASCAR and Indy Car Racing, Pro Rodeo, PGA and LPGA Golf, APA Tennis, AIAW Championships, and Championship Boxing. TVS Television Network is located in the Greater Los Angeles Area wth a TV Ranch, Production Studios, and Post Production Studios. TVS Produces and distributes sports and entertainment TV to broadcast, cable, IPTV, OTT, and Mobile platforms as well as via TVS Home Video and TVS Records.
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