Suppliers Elated with New Cloud Based Data Management Program from Stacks Data

The process of capturing, storing, sharing and reporting on data for compliance purposes has now become more efficient and easier to do using Stacks Data's revolutionary new software program.

Suppliers Elated with New Cloud Based Data Management Program from Stacks Data
Baltimore, MD, February 02, 2018 --( Suppliers Elated to Find That They Don’t Actually Have to Fill Out the Same Compliance Questionnaire Over and Over Again

Hundreds of suppliers woke up today to find that the incredibly frustrating task of responding repeatedly to the same basic data compliance questionnaire is no longer necessary. Stacks Data, a company based in Baltimore, MD, has introduced their long-awaited compliance response software called “Stacks.” This revolutionary platform will allow suppliers in various industries (including chemical) to use one, cloud-based, master response document to automatically fill in the answers to many similar surveys from other customers.

For example, suppliers to the chemicals industry often receive many different requests from many different customers for each of the products they sell. But since all of these requests are ultimately for the same end applications or reporting programs, suppliers find themselves answering the same questions over and over again.

“We’ve been hearing from our users for years that they need a good way to use information that they’ve provided for one customer or program and easily apply it to all of their customers,” said Stacks Data CEO Scott Kaufman. “Now we are excited to tell them we’ve got it.” He said that the system allows suppliers to use a single database of answers for each product to populate almost all of the queries they receive from manufacturers and send to suppliers.

Response to the news has been overwhelming. One supplier that uses the Stacks platform said that it’s like “Trumpets from Heaven” compared to the old, clunky spreadsheets as well as paper and online forms they previously had to use.

Stacks is now available globally for corporate data management programs.

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