New Complete PCB Debugging Tool with High Accuracy and Wide Range of Test Modes: LCR-Reader-MP

Siborg Systems Inc. has released their newest model of LCR-Reader, the MP which features 0.1% Basic Accuracy, wide range of features and traceable NIST calibration.

Waterloo, Canada, February 06, 2018 --( Siborg released their newest model of LCR-Reader in the early fall of 2017, the LCR-Reader-MP or Multi-Purpose. This new device has the highest basic accuracy available on all of Siborg’s devices, including LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers and offers more features, including Oscilloscope mode and large capacitance testing to name a few. The device is available through the LCR-Reader Store. (

The LCR-Reader-MP is akin to Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader with its tweezer-integrated design where users hold a component with the gold-plated tweezer probes. The MP automatically determines the type of component being tested and applies the best test parameters before testing with a 0.1% basic accuracy. The device then displays all test results, including main and secondary values, and test parameters used on the backlit display in the device.

The MP offers the highest basic accuracy of all LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers devices at 0.1%; it also offers the most features, including those that were found on Smart Tweezers ST-1 models such as the oscilloscope mode. Other features include diode/LED testing, frequency measurements, signal generation, AC/DC voltage testing, Large Capacitance test mode and more. One of the best features of the device is the ability to test using a 100 kHz test frequency which allows for a 1nH resolution for inductance measurements and 0.01 pF for capacitance measurements.

The MP has a wide range of test frequencies (25, 100, 120 Hz, 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 and 100 kHz). This is also helpful for measuring large capacitance up to 680 mF. When using the "Large Capacitance" mode, the MP will automatically reduce the test frequency to 25 Hertz which makes for testing with reasonable accuracy. Electrolytic capacitors are measured at 120 Hertz and the the ESR values measured at 100 kHz as per regular electrolytic capacitor test conditions.

As Smart Tweezers were developed and re-developed, they lost the ability to use an oscilloscope mode. This mode was brought back for the MP and is able to analyze wave-forms with frequencies up to 100 kHz on active circuit boards. When used with the Kelvin Probe Connector kit, the oscilloscope mode is especially useful. The kit turns LCR-Reader-MP, LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers devices into full probe stations and are able to measure components larger than the tweezers usual spread.

Like earlier models of Smart Tweezers, the MP has a larger backlit screen and is controlled using a jog-wheel. It is twice as heavy as LCR-Reader models at 2 oz. but is no-less portable. Some functions can be changed without leaving the main screen using the jog-wheel, while more specific measurement parameters and modes can be set by entering the menus.

The device was recently tested by Navair Technologies in Toronto, Ontario; Siborg has created calibration fixtures that grant the devices NIST traceable calibration. The device has also been grated FCC compliance by MPB Technologies in Alberta, Canada, with part 15.109 being granted.

Some of the downsides to the LCR-Reader-MP include a high test signal source resistance of 1 kOhm and a moderate test signal level of 0.65 Vrms; this is higher than the original LCR-Reader but lower than Smart Tweezers’ 1 Vrms. This test signal level may read lower than actual capacitance values and may not accurately test some ceramic capacitors.

Features on LCR-Reader-MP

Automatic and Manual LCR, ESR, LED and Diode measurements

0.1% Basic accuracy

NIST Traceable calibration

AC/DC Voltage measurement up to 15 V

Diode/LED and Continuity testing

Signal Generator: Sine, Rectangle and Triangle pulse shapes up to 100 kHz

Easy Short/Open calibration and offset removal

Two Test Signal levels: Automatic test signal reduction for 0.1V for in-circuit measurements

Current measurements

Oscilloscope Transient Voltage display for up to 100 kHz

Displays active and reactive impedance components

Li-Ion battery with micro-USB charging

Backlit LCD display

Jog-wheel navigation

2 oz. weight

Siborg also offers a wide range of measurement devices for SMT, including:

Smart Tweezers ST-5S and Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT2: Smart Tweezers devices are the original tweezer-based testers; the ST-5S offers a basic accuracy of 0.2% and multiple test modes. The ST5S-BT2 offers the same features and functionality with the added ability to remotely send and receive data over a Bluetooth connection. (

LCR-Reader devices with 0.5% basic accuracy and less features for a more affordable price. (

SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers allow most multimeters to have tweezer-probe accuracy when plugged into the 4 mm jack plugs.

LED Test Tweezers are LED testers that can also test circuitry and other small components; can be used as tweezer probes when connected to a multimeter using the included cable.

Kelvin Probe Connector is an extension kit for LCR-Reader, Smart Tweezers and MP devices; this kit comes with a shielded two-wire connection that turns any of the tweezer devices into a complete probe station and can test components larger than the tweezers would allow.

Siborg offers their devices, parts and accessories on their online LCR-Reader Store and through Amazon in Canada, USA and Europe. (
Siborg Systems Inc.
Michael Obrecht