The Sea Aged Wine Company Based in Xàbia Spain Are Turning Green. Environmental Green That Is.

Since its conception some three years ago, the idea of saving the environment was at the forefront of the company. Since they refused to age wine on the sea bed and destroy the creatures environment that live there. They are now going even more environment friendly.

Xabia, Spain, March 01, 2018 --( Graham Smith, the owner of Sea Aged Wine and inventor of the sea aged wine tanks, has always wanted the environment to be first. He decided not to age the wine in the actual sea itself. He decided to put the seawater in specially made tanks. This way no creatures' habitat or home would be destroyed.

Not only creatures' habitat and homes, but also carbon footprint has always been an issue with Smith; since going to sea in diesel boats and recovering the wine from the sea bed would have had a massive carbon footprint.

“I knew this was wrong sea ageing wine in the actual sea. We can't say how lovely our sea aged wine is and at the same time be destroying the very place it is aged in,” said smith.

Smith and his team set about building special patented sea aged wine tanks. Making sure that parts for the tanks could all be reused or recycled. And that they came from sustainable sources or had been recycled. Once finished, the patents were in place and today there is a business which is growing all the time.

So much so that they have now teamed up with free electric Spain, a company dedicated to providing solar renewable power. The company free electric Spain now provides all the new tanks with solar powered electric to run the patented sea aged wine tanks.

The tanks, thanks to the solar panels, can now function almost anywhere. And the temperature of the seawater inside the tanks can be maintained by the array of cooling/heating systems built into the tanks which consume electricity. Ageing wine on land inside seawater tanks with a minimal carbon footprint. Also without the need of going to sea.

Bottles of quality wine remain in the sea water with the tanks at a set temperature in darkness for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Giving different levels of affordability for the public to enjoy.

The sea ageing process is now being solar powered and even the Seawater gets recycled at a local desalination plant. “Could we get any greener?” exclaimed Smith. Well yes would appear to be the answer, as now Sea Aged Wine is offering all area agents electric cars/vehicles. For the area agents to make sales calls and for pop up demonstration wine tasting days.

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