XinFin Ties Up with KoinOK, Gets Its Utility Token XDCE Listed on one of India’s Top Exchange

XinFin has joined forces with India’s most customer-centric cryptocurrency exchange KoinOK to bring the first airdrop event in India where 5 million XDCE functional tokens will be distributed for free. The association will enable secure trading for Indian users by avoiding unpredictable price changes.

XinFin Ties Up with KoinOK, Gets Its Utility Token XDCE Listed on one of India’s Top Exchange
Singapore, Singapore, March 14, 2018 --( Singapore based Blockchain Technology XinFin recently announced its association with KoinOK. KoinOK is proudly building the most customer-focused cryptocurrency platform in India and XinFin aims to solve a critical problem of bridging infrastructure deficit using blockchain technology. As a part of this collaboration, KoinOK and XinFin are planning to airdrop over 5 million XCDE tokens for free as a part of their referral program with an aim to bring more Indians to participate in the blockchain revolution.

KoinOK allows its users to trade and invest in many cryptocurrencies. KoinOK has created a general and flexible blockchain infrastructure which makes it quick and easy to add new cryptocurrencies. KoinOK is always looking out for innovative currencies exhibiting great potential and follow a strict process of carefully selecting the tokens to be traded on their exchange. After Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Neo, XDCE will be the 5th token to be listed on KoinOK. Other equivalent exchanges like Zebpay, Koinex and UnoCoin in India provides similar services.

XinFin had launched its utility token XDCE on Feb 5, 2018, and has recently finished its XDCE Crowd Token Contribution. XDCE token will primarily help traders to contest against other ERC20 tokens across several exchanges. XDCE is an ERC20 utility token based on a decentralized Ethereum Ecosystem which will enable global enterprises to work with XDC Protocol. It will increase the liquidity of XDC tokens to enable many business use cases. The association with KoinOK will allow Indian users to effortlessly buy, sell and trade XDCE using Indian currency INR.

KoinOK Co-founder Vivek Agarwal said, “We are proud to associate with XinFin as this will bring the first airdrop event of such magnitude in India where functional tokens are distributed for free. Till now, all airdrops by other players took place with non-functional tokens which provided no utility.”

XinFin’s Co-Founder, Peter Yeo also mentioned the recent tie-up with KoinOK as revolutionary and said, “Run by a young and dynamic team, KoinOK is one of the fastest growing digital exchanges in India. We are really excited to collaborate with KoinOK and we believe that our offerings will positively serve our users. With this partnership, our growing community that has an ever-growing demand for XinFin tokens will be able to trade without addressing drastic price changes because of volatility.”

XinFin launched its utility token XDCE on Feb 5, 2018. XDCE is an ERC20 token which will have multifold benefits for traders, private investors and institutional level partners. All the details regarding ongoing XDCE Crowd Token Contribution (ICO) can be found on their Utility Token Contribution Page:

XinFin launched the TradeFinex platform at the Digital Asset summit organized by Asia’s largest trade and commerce bodies—Assocham ( and extended the platform to over 450,000 participating enterprise members. Ramco systems (, Asia’s biggest company and part of global $1 Billion conglomerates has chosen XinFin Hybrid Blockchain to deploy blockchain solutions for 500+ of its clients in Aviation, Supply Chain and HR. XinFin is already working with leading global fortune 500 clients across USA, Europe, Asia and India. It has successfully demonstrated over 10+ pilot projects in Travel, Banking, Supply Chain, Finance, Trade and Aviation. The upcoming major global expansion includes Canada, USA, Middle East and Sri Lanka, with details to be announced in the coming weeks.

Recently, "Bitcoin Jesus" and CEO of Bitcoin, Roger Ver joined XinFin team as advisors along with Mate Tokay(COO of, Jason Butcher(Co-Founder - BlockChain Hub, COO - Coinpayments), David Freuden(Blockchain Advisor & Consultant) & Sydney Ifergan(CMO, Crypto & ICO Expert).

About XinFin
XinFin ( is a Singapore based Blockchain Technology Company that is focused on Business Process Efficiency improvement and has deployed Blockchain solutions for international trade and finance. XinFin had recently launched XDCE utility tokens which were available through its public ICO and these tokens can help people to get access to the XDC protocol and its sub-networks by hosting XDC master nodes. XinFin’s XDCE tokens allow users to trade at stable prices on regulated exchanges avoiding unstable market where price changes drastically due to lower liquidity.

XinFin has developed a highly ca​pable, secure, permissioned and commercial grade Hybrid Blockchain architecture by forking JP Morgan's Quorum. With an aim to bridge the global infrastructural deficit with the marketplace platform – TradeFinex (, XinFin offers tools to undertake Blockchain powered peer-to-peer trade and finance contracts between governments, institutions, buyers and suppliers. This helps in an efficient deployment of capital and undertaking infrastructure projects without burdening the government treasury.

XinFin has four lines of solutions namely TradeFinex, Business Efficiency solutions, E-Wallets & Remittance and Private Sub-networks. You can follow XinFin on Twitter (@XinFinF), on Telegram ( and on Slack ( Also, check out their latest video ( and know "What is XinFin."

About KoinOK

KoinOK is Indian’s most customer-focused cryptocurrency exchange which enables users to trade and invest in popular digital assets in an open order book system. KoinOK exchange is a one-stop solution for quick, easy and secure trading in cryptocurrencies in India.

While offering a deeper understanding of the significance of the exchange downtimes particularly in the case of cryptocurrencies where the prices are highly unpredictable KoinOK has also solved problems related to security and support which are few of the chief challenges in the cryptocurrency exchanges existing in India and overseas. For more information, please visit the website. You can get KoinOK updates through social media—Twitter (@Koinoktrade) and Telegram (
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