TVS Ad Sales.Com Adds Spencer Marketing, Atwood Richards, and Pepper Thomas Divisions to Comprehensive Advertiser Marketing Network

Jerry Wolff, the iconic advertising sales and marketing executive who transformed talk radio advertising and then Pay TV sports advertising, now will oversee TVS Ad Sales.Com, which will connect and enhance per inquiry advertising, direct response advertising, CPM advertising, barter advertising, and product placement services into a 21st Century Direct to Consumer cocept for small companies looking for national radio, TV, print, and E Commerce platforms.

Bakersfield, CA, March 21, 2018 --( TVS Ad Sales.Com is using the past to bring revolutionary advertising concepts to connect smaller companies with the ability to have national multi platform advertising and promotional availabilities.

Jerry Wolff, former radio advertising and marketing executive with WOR and WMCA in New York, and later with several regional sports networks placing national advertising on these Pay TV channels, heads the ambitious effort from TVS Television Network.

TVS began as a radio network in 1958, syndicating the NCAA basketball Tournament and establishing a radio sales organization.

Beginning in 1960, TVS Television Network was for decades a leading independent broadcast TV network, producing and distributing sports, music, and entertainment programming. During that time, TVS was an industry leader in creating innovating national advertising opportunties for smaller companies who could not afford broadcast network advertising.

In the 1990's, TVS refocused on the home video market, where it became a leading producer of budget priced sports home videos, needing six different independent labels to distribute it's massive classic TV library.

In the 2000's, TVS became an early affiliate of E Music, a seminal digital distribution company. Shortly thereafter, TVS expanded it's TV and cable syndication services to IPTV services. The company expanded from audio digital distribution to video digital distribution, and finally to E Magazine publishing.

In 2017, TVS established direct to consumer media networks and E Commerce Home Shopping to coordinate hard goods to digital consuuumer direct sales.

Now, TVS has added Spencer Marketing, Atwood Richards, and Pepper Thomas Divisions to encompass barter for advertising, barter for media services, product placement, and value added per inquiry and direct response advertising opportunities.

Spencer Marketing provides advertisers with preprinted inserts - both digital and hard copy for sports events, music revents, and entertainment events. Atwood Richards revives the age old barter concept so that businesses can exchange unused inventory for media advertising. Pepper Thomas resumes the category of creating radio, TV, and print advertising availabilities through the use of barter TV and radio shows. All three divisions will work in the native advertising and the E Commerce sectors as well.

All three of these concepts thrived for decades in the advertising landscape but were deemed obselete in the digital age. TVS Television Network is channeling the very concepts that have transformed TVS from a legacy broadcast network to a multiplatform media marketing company into a similar revitalization for Spencer Marketing, Atwood Richards, and Pepper Thomas.

All divisions will be run by Jerry Wolff under the TVS AD Sales.Com banner.
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