America Green Solar Expands Despite Federal Support for Fossil Fuels

Brooklyn, NY, April 01, 2018 --( America Green Solar continues its commitment to clean energy amid rapidly expanding fossil fuels.

During a time when clean-energy innovations are being systematically dashed, America Green Solar is emboldened that improvements will be made in the energy sector: the Los Angeles- and New York-based company looks back on significant growth over the past year and its recent unveiling of several offices across the nation, including offices in Long Island, Atlanta, and Miami.

Thursday, Scott Pruitt, reigning head of the Environmental Protection Agency, toured the Black Thunder facility in Wyoming, suggested that the traditional fuel industry is under attack, claiming that the EPA is designated to follow the demands of that industry rather than impose regulations that would cut carbon emissions by about 30 percent at production centers like this one, which provides about 40 percent of the United States’ coal.

In his address, Pruitt said, “Our job is not to come in and say this type of fuel is good or this fuel is not good,” but nonetheless pledged to end the “war on fossil fuels.”

However, through partnerships across the U.S., America Green Solar has managed to install solar panels at homes, and is able to perform solar installations in all 50 U.S. states as well as Puerto Rico. The expansion of offices nationwide will allow America Green Solar to continue its rapid growth trajectory.
America Green Solar
Des Guinto