E.L Discipline Releases "Discipline's World," (The Sequel in The Seduction of Discipline Series) Published by Andrea Johnson Books Publishing

Author E.L Discipline has done it again. With his third book, "Discipline's World," (published by Andrea Johnson Books Publishing) he has made an unheralded impression, in creating the new face of redefined eroticism.

E.L Discipline Releases "Discipline's World," (The Sequel in The Seduction of Discipline Series) Published by Andrea Johnson Books Publishing
Long Island, NY, April 14, 2018 --(PR.com)-- "Discipline's World," an erotic and enticing sequel to the book, "The Seduction of Discipline," was created to enhance the already electrifying knowledge that E.L Discipline designed in the first depiction of the misconstrued and often misunderstood world of BDSM, and all that it involves.

"Discipline’s World" is a fictional story surrounding the life of "Discipline," and the woman who has become an integral part of his BDSM lifestyle. The author, E.L Discipline, narrates the story, taking the readers through an enigmatic journey of lust and sensual eroticism, while painting a picture of a bond between a man and a woman, that is described by the author as "unlike anything that has been imagined."

Author E.L Discipline goes over his book in detail, stating: "In my third book, Discipline’s World, I've illustrated a colorful and imaginative description of a Dominant man that commands the environment of BDSM, while living a successful life of a powerful business executive. He educates the woman he has taken into his world, 'his slave,' and gives to the readers a perfect outline of what true BDSM can be between a Master and his submissive. The drama and intrigue that has skillfully been added into the story line, is aimed to keep readers on the edge of their seats."

E.L Discipline also explains:"Discipline’s World is a steamy and unpredictable experience from beginning to end, taking place in the city that never sleeps, New York." The author, E.L Discipline, gives readers a distinct image of the location, and brings the big apple to life within the pages of his book.

In "Discipline’s World," the main characters depicted in the book are as follows: Discipline, the esteemed Dominant male holds readers attentions as the leading character of the story, and has different submissives. However, his main slave, "Precious," is the one that he takes special interest in, and in which the book is primarily focused on. Discipline proceeds to train this woman in the ways of BDSM. The connection and amazing bond that has developed between them is written by the author as "indescribable."

The author, E.L Discipline, states:"Discipline’s World is a book that will appeal to readers on many different levels. The erotic sensuality that lights up each page will elevate the blood pressure to an extreme. But you will also become captivated as the story weaves the mystery and suspense along with danger and darkness within the tale, that will cause you to remain glued to the very end. There is not enough erotica that caters to more than just the emotions. This book will give you an intellectual stimulation, as well as the physical."

With his third book, E.L Discipline has given erotica a new name. "Discipline’s World" has come onto the scene designed to break barriers. The Author, E.L Discipline, exclaims: "There are many enticing books and tales out there created to enthrall and seduce. However, never have you seen sensual eroticism from the likes of a dominant male that has taken the world by storm." His newfound self-proclaimed title as "the King of Urban Erotica" is aimed to give the readers an experience they will never forget.

The author, E.L Discipline, also reiterates: "Discipline’s World will take you into a place that will have you questioning everything you once knew regarding BDSM, relationships, and the art of seduction. You will be entertained and educated at the same time, witnessing a tale that will inspire secret dreams to become a reality.

"No woman can love a weak man, or be strong enough to inspire his strength. It’s not possible. You could put a crown on a peasant, he is still a peasant. A dominant, a King, a master cannot be made. One is born as such."

Born and raised in New York, E.L Discipline is educating the masses on the true form of spiritual connections and knowledge. He is the author of "The Seduction of Discipline" and "The Importance of Discipline." With his third book, "Discipline’s World," E.L Discipline is breaking barriers in the world of seduction and sensuality. His reputation for being known as the king of erotica is widely spreading and is changing the way we view relationships forever.

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