Sea Aged Wine Have Experts Taste the Latest Batch of Wine

Sea Aged Wine based in Javea Spain have been ageing wine in seawater on land in patented tanks. This is to conform to health rules by the FDA in the USA.

Javea, Spain, June 22, 2018 --( Graham Smith, the inventor of the patented Sea Aged Wine tanks, which are located on land and have sea water inside them, decided to get independent experts to taste his wine which had been aged in his tanks.

This is the statement made by the wine taster Thamar Kolsteren:

“The difference in flavour and aroma between the non sea aged wine and the sea aged wine are tremendous. Without even swirling the wine glasses, the aromas that come from the sea aged wine are quite intense and remind me of leather, tobacco and mature red fruits.

“When I started swirling the wineglasses to provoke the tertiary aromas (those coming from the time the wine spend in oak barrels) to express themselves faster, the difference was even bigger. The sea aged wine has a very pleasant and intense bouquet; red berries, spices like black pepper, vanilla…..

“The flavour when I tasted was also different. I found it intenser, with a longer finish and round and soft tannins. The non sea aged wine did not have the same intensity and flavour. I was pleasantly surprised. (the whole Casa del Vino team was).” -Thamar Kolsteren Casa del Vino Alicante Spain.

Thamar is certified by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, she has passed her level 2 master of wine exams with distinction and is considered, along with the team at Casa Del Vino, to be an expert in wine tasting.

The wine used for the tasting was a red reserve wine from 2011, it had been sea aged in the patented wine tank for 9 months. It was tasted, like for like, against wine from the same batch, which had not been sea aged in the tank.

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