As MyMy Hip Hop Gives Indie Rap Artists a Home Stage, Celebrity Challengers and Copycats Emerge

Innovative Streaming Platform First to Offer “Blind Judging”

As MyMy Hip Hop Gives Indie Rap Artists a Home Stage, Celebrity Challengers and Copycats Emerge
Atlanta, GA, July 24, 2018 --( MyMy Hip Hop, the online home of independent hip-hop and emerging grassroots talent, has beaten the competition to the punch with the release of its innovative streaming platform and the feature that is transforming how tracks get lit or get lost. Blind judging, allowing listeners to hear tracks for the first time without any information about the artist to influence their verdict, was introduced first by MyMy Hip Hop in 2017 and has become the standard by which new songs either fly or flop.

MyMy Hip Hop’s patent-pending blind judging feature currently allows any listener to judge tracks, but no information about the artist is given. No bias based on the artist’s name, age, appearance, hometown or influences alter the listener’s response. The track lives or dies on the merit of the music alone. There is no more authentic way to measure the popular appeal of original, unreleased music, and discover hot new talent in the process.

But MyMy Hip Hop, fueled by the underground hip hop community and independent artists, is being challenged in the space by start-ups promoted by celebrity rappers. Pusha-T is providing the star power behind Heir, a streaming site that announced recently it will feature listener judging once the platform is fully operational. The site has advisors from record labels Def Jam and Epic, further evidence of the popular appeal and demand for independent, unbiased judging.

Meanwhile, with no celebrity endorsers or record label affiliations, MyMy Hip Hop has been attracting new artists and high-quality tracks from performers across the U.S. and around the world, and a growing number of hip hop aficionados are utilizing the blind judging feature to send those tracks up the charts or into oblivion. Even casual listeners can have an influence on the catalog of music that is featured as trending on the site.

As MyMy Hip Hop generates advertising income, it plans to place half of all revenue in an artist’s pool and reward artists with a share of the cash based on the percentage of total plays generated by an artist’s track. Judges will also be rewarded based on their ability to identify tracks that rise to the top of the rankings.

MyMy Hip Hop was strategically developed to provide an unbiased resource for discovering new artists and the next great track, but it also has the appeal of being able to “gamify” the judging process by providing stats on how well a judge scores against a song’s overall outcome. If you’re a good critic, you become a “promoter.” If you become a top promoter, you get paid.

For MyMy Hip Hop, authenticity and credibility are driving the success of the brand within the community of hip-hop fans that value the true nature of independent, grassroots music. The community decides what has value, not the popularity of a celebrity.

Now, if only the brand could find a famous rapper to promote the platform.

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