Breaking New Grounds - Sustainable Development

New York, NY, August 19, 2018 --( The Youth Assembly’s 22nd edition has officially come to an end and America Green Solar was truly honored to be a part of it. It seems fairly obvious, but the goal of the event was to target the youth and each company had a different mission on how to achieve it. America Green Solar’s CEO; Desiree Guinto wanted to make it clear as to how much damage the earth has gone through at the hands of humans, but also end her speech on a hopeful note. How can we contribute/take action towards helping the environment? Sure some things will be much harder to fix than others but one small step at a time could help the earth get back to its green self.

When hearing the “UN Youth Assembly” the word “youth” instantly shines and we immediately think of students or overall a younger generation of people, however that wasn’t the case at the Youth Assembly, there was such a wide range of people there, and only a percentage were students. There were many different countries that attended the event and Desiree, not only got to share her ideas with them all but received their input as well.

Having been given such a powerful platform, America Green Solar’s main aim was to get the youth to take initiative, action and to overall spread awareness. It is a universal concept that we are damaging the planet and need to help it, being able to deliver that message in such a way to get people to actually take action is the challenge. The panel consisted of a wide range of companies that came to speak on behalf of the environment; United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security, America Green Solar, Solareum and the Rainforest Alliance.

The future is now and it is in the youth’s hands. America Green Solar strongly encourages that the newer generations do what they can and take action. Small and simple changes go such a long way and they all add up in the end. It is up to you as the youth to set the example for future generations. Be an Energy Conscious Generation, there are no limits to what can be achieved. Let us not reach the point where we have to fight for survival, let’s be proactive.
America Green Solar
Ella Tabak