Dale & Davis Public Relations Partners with Influencer Community Brand, Exclusively Social

New York, NY, August 20, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Growing together births stronger growth - this is why New York headquartered ultimate girl gang brand, Exclusively Social begins partnership with Dale & Davis Public Relations, to expand opportunities that will foster community development and genuine friendships through organized events, collaborations and sponsored partnerships.

Exclusively Social is an ultimate girl gang brand focused on ensuring women invest in themselves and become creators of opportunities to better themselves. The brand was founded by fashion marketing expert Anna Kcira, alongside business development coach and social media strategist, Haley Findlay to empower the group of women that are picked to be a part of the ultra selective girl gang. Both women have always sought means of collaboration with like-minds and are quite excited about the partnership with Dale & Davis Public Relations. They only hope that this partnership will lead to many more opportunities for women of influence to have their presence felt in the community and world at large.

Dale & Davis Public Relations will work alongside Exclusively Social on brand collaboration for events, speakers for their workshops and sponsored partnerships as well as media coverage. Announcing the partnership to the public, Dale & Davis Public Relations director Yvette Davis who heads up PR at the firm, revealed this to the press, “A digital storytelling renaissance is happening right now, particularly with stories embracing women empowerment. Presently the industry of influencer marketing is women dominated and we look forward to working alongside Exclusively Social, to pillar face to face interactions among the members of its community and provide the opportunities they need to leverage their brands online.”

Exclusively Social members include bloggers, entrepreneurs, boss babes and other women centred brands, who have access to curated events, meetups, interactive workshops, and coaching sessions hosted by the brand. Exclusively Social helps them find the support they need to create compelling content and build strategic partnership among their fellow members, and subsequently grow their brands. “Not only do we create opportunities to uplevel your social media presence, but we will take your hand and walk you through the next level of your business. This partnership with Dale & Davis Public Relations will create even more opportunities for this goal,” Anna Kcira and Haley Findlay remarked.

To learn more about Dale & Davis Public Relations, for more information about the partnership with the ultimate girl gang brand, Exclusively Social, please visit the firm’s website at DaleDavisPR.com or send a mail to info@DaleDavisPR.com to procure the firm’s services. Prospective clients can also send a DM via Instagram @DaleDavisPR.

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