IA-3155-E: A New ATE Building Block

A new industrial relay controller designed for controlling automated testing equipment (ATE) was announced lately, and is now available on

Huston, TX, August 29, 2018 --( Flow Control
This new industrial relay controller features 48 SPDT Relays on board, supporting control over hundreds of relays simultaneously, with perfect synchronicity, using built-in global command, allowing override net timing delay.

Choose how you Set up
This user friendly, easy setup relay controller provides a smooth and easy configuration in order to make the relay controller implementation as simple and seamless as possible. Installers are offered 3 ways to setup the IA-3155-E: with the help of an on-board web page, using a dedicated configuration utility, provided with the IA-3155-E (or downloadable from the Intelligent-Appliance Knowledge-Base on the website) or using the AT command set, instructions to which are provided in the designated user manual.

As Tough as they come
The IA-3155-E is an industrial grade relay controller, designed to withstand harsh conditions and operate on factory floor in a noisy EMI/RFI environment without fail.

This new web controlled board is an Intelligent-Appliance Series-3000 compliant, including their standard internal and external Watchdog facilities, protecting both the internal controller the Host computer and the communication facilities from non-proper operation. The second watchdog is designed to identify communication failure and initiates a set of predefined commands enabling the setting of relays automatically, thus avoiding fatal factory floor damage in case of communication or host crisis.

Chain it up
Like all IA-3000 series members, the IA-3155-E has Daisy Chain capabilities, and can be transparently chained, sharing the same communication port - resulting in latency free, slick, and efficient System.

Additional features
The IA-3155-E is ready to be both mounted by DIN rail or to be wall mounted.
Similar to all Intelligent-Appliances’ products, The IA-3155-E module is up to the highest standards - CE, FCC Approved, ROHS compliant.

Software care package
The IA-3155-E industrial TCP IP relay controller is accompanied by a full software support package similar to all Intelligent-Appliance products: .Net library, various open source examples, and software utilities which are thoughtfully designed to enable the quickest and smoothest integration and implementation of this module into the desired application.

The new ethernet controlled industrial 48 SPDT Relay Controller module joins the wide verity of feature rich, user friendly, and intelligent industrial relay boards developed and manufactured by Intelligent Appliance.

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