Sea Aged Wine Expand Their Operations to the Canary Islands

This is a move seen by many in the industry as an expansion to ultimately cover most of Europe and the USA. Sea Aged Wine, the company, has invented tanks which can age wine in seawater on land. This dramatically lowers the carbon footprint of sea ageing wine and has environmental benefits for the open seas.

Javea, Spain, September 08, 2018 --( Without sea ageing wine in the open sea, Sea Aged Wine are able to control the process within their patent protected tanks on land. This means not having to drop bottles of wine in cages onto sea creatures homes and ruining the sea bed.

The first expansion is to Tenerife in the Canary islands, where several tanks will be based in the town of Adeje. From this location, tank Sea Aged Wine can be distributed to all of the Canary islands.

A distributor has been appointed and the tanks are now under construction. The wine which will be aged in the tanks is from the Spanish mainland. The Canary islands located off the coast of Africa are actually Spanish territory.

The islands have all year round favourable weather conditions, which attracts high numbers of tourists all year. With millions of visitors to the islands, the tank Sea Aged Wine is already in high demand.

The Sea Aged Wine tanks operator for the Canary islands, Mr Alan Royles, a businessman from Adeje in Tenerife stated,

“This is very exciting for us, we have already taken orders for the wine we will be ageing in the tanks. Most of the waters surrounding the islands are protected natural parks and ageing in the actual sea is not permitted. I just hope we can keep up with the demand.”

The tanks are due to arrive at the Adeje Tenerife location in around 6 weeks time. They are under construction at the Spanish factory of Sea Aged Wine in Javea Spain. Mr Royles was very happy to be the official partner in Tenerife for the Sea Aged Wine company. He went on to say,

“I had read about the FDA in the USA banning sea aged wine from the open sea/ocean, as it could get contaminated by sea pressure while lying at the bottom of the sea. I found out that it is impossible for wine to be contaminated that is aged in the on land patented Sea Aged Wine tanks. I tasted the wine from the tanks, and was so amazed at the smoothness it had and the fuller flavour and aromas.”

Hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs are now all set to benefit from having the Sea Aged Wine tanks in Tenerife. The set up there will be able to supply all the Canary Islands.

Alan Royles can be contacted on 0034 634 098 838. He will be able to answer any questions about supply of the wine.

Sea Aged Wine, the company, can be contacted on 0034 662 406 516.
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