2b Acting Presents Comedy with a Difference

2b Acting, a Yorkshire based digital media company, starts the tour of their unique interactive video Comedy Monologue Projectorgrams events at The Royal Park pub in Leeds on 28 September. They have labelled the show, Comedy with a Difference.

Leeds, United Kingdom, September 20, 2018 --(PR.com)-- When a live comedy show is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is a room with a stand-up comic going through a routine. Attempts have been made to shake up this format by having more comics on a bill, but production costs generally restrict the number of entertainers.

2b Acting’s Comedy Monologue Projectorgrams event is a comedy with a difference from the very start.

The first difference an audience will instantly notice is the artists are not-live. They are all life-size interactive video projections. Even the host. This means that heckling or a noisy crowd has no impact on the performance quality which is always perfectly delivered. No off days for these performers.

Next, the show is made up of different artists presenting 15 Comedy Monologues all in one night. This provides tremendous variety for an audience which should guarantee something for everyone.

Finally, and perhaps the most different aspect of this comedy format, is that the interactive video projections communicate with the audience mobiles through an online app. During the show, the audience can use the app to vote, get information about the performers and participate in the comedy routines by pressing buttons and following instructions. There are also hilarious drinking and dancing games with the German-ish projection character, Gunter, that is hard not to join in with.

“Brilliant night last night watching and voting on some fabulous monologues.” –This was the reaction from an audience member, Bill Blackwood, after watching the first showing of the first event on the 20 April 2018.

A review by Richard Horsman, Culture Vulture, referred to Comedy Monologue Projectorgrams as a show that “brings a new dimension to the stand-up experience.” The review went on to say, “certainly an exciting addition to Leeds’ comedy scene.”

Tickets for the upcoming tour are available from Ticketweb.co.uk and the show can be seen at The Royal Park pub, Editors Draught, Verve and The Fenton in Leeds with two more performances at Gullivers in Manchester.

To find out more about Projectorgrams contact 2b Acting.
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