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New Website Allows Users to File and Defend Cases Online

Fort Lauderdale, FL, September 26, 2018 --( The path to justice just got a little easier with A new online platform in beta is offering free, expedited method for anyone seeking to resolve a dispute. leverages the wisdom of the crowd to help plaintiffs determine the viability of a potential law suit or, better yet, resolve a dispute and avoid expensive litigation, altogether. In addition to courtroom scenarios, offers a wealth of law-related articles and podcasts for people seeking valuable legal information.

Filing a complaint on is easy. First, a plaintiff registers as a user, at no cost, and files a claim. Online “service” is requested on the defendant(s), and once “served,” the defendant can respond to the complaint and have the option of filing cross-claims. allows both plaintiffs and defendants to post short videos explaining their case. The two litigants can upload their evidence, including recorded witness statements, into the evidence locker on the website.

In the final part of the process, a win or lose verdict from the crowd sourced jury on can help encourage settlement and avoid an actual law suit. Users can test their chances of winning their claims with little to no risk.

There are numerous benefits to using It is free during the beta testing phase, exponentially faster than a typical law suit, more equitable, and decidedly solution-based, since the online jury of peers is encouraged to propose solutions to the problems presented by the litigants and thereby encourage resolution. In addition to filing and responding to claims, users may join a jury on any online case and may search to review previously filed cases.

FreeCourt was the brainchild of consumer advocate and real estate entrepreneur, Jason Hartman, who wanted to give people an easy way to resolve disputes because the legal system is inaccessible to most people. For more information on free or low-cost crowdsourced justice, please visit
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