The Worldwide Launch of Successfuly is Here

The highly anticipated, elite new community and marketplace for professionals and entrepreneurs, assisting them in gaining clients on their own terms has finally come. This is a community also dedicated to highlighting the inspirational stories of some of these professional “hustlers” that have acquired valuable experience and knowledge in order to be successful.

The Worldwide Launch of Successfuly is Here
Los Angeles, CA, October 01, 2018 --( Introducing Successfuly, an online marketplace for professionals and entrepreneurs that is focused on supporting in the selling of their projects, according to their particular and unique mix of experience and knowledge.

Successfuly was inspired by founder and CEO, Lizet Zayas', own experiences of hustling and navigating as both a professional and entrepreneur. She noticed that many professionals were struggling to find work, even with an impressive background and ample experience. She saw that most professionals were natural hustlers, but had to eventually result in becoming freelancers, who struggled to find constant work when not able to find a permanent career in their choice field. What was worse, so many wound up working as drivers for Uber and/or Lyft, joining marketing affiliations or working on something non-related to their careers to make ends meet. While living in New York City, Lizet spent almost a year of doing non stop networking, meeting people and learning their stories and how they became business owners, as opposed to corporate employees. It was because of her own constant struggle to find work and clients that she felt the need to create a platform that would allow her and others in her situation to find work, without the hassle of custom proposals, or having to chase people.

The work force and the way people work has changed tremendously over the years, and corporate stability is quickly disappearing. Sadly, breaking into the corporate industry is almost all about who you know, instead of what you know or your qualifications. So, with this knowledge, Lizet wanted to promote these entrepreneurs and give them control back in their careers. Most professionals have a very unique set of skills and hold many titles enabling them to offer ample services, and through their entrepreneurship, they can be an informant on many areas. All that was missing was a platform to promote each aspect of this, until Successfuly. Successfuly is open to most professional industries and limits web development and/or design since this has been heavily affected by the globalization of other platforms. “I, myself who as a creative designer, loves to innovate companies and execute startups, created this platform to offer flexibility for myself and other professionals,” says Lizet Zayas.

How it Works:
To get started, sellers must create a profile, sign up for a membership plan and accept the terms as a seller. Their profile must be professional along with sharing their profiles on other professional sites such Linkedin or Shapr. They will need a professional photo of themselves, and a short list including their skills and experiences. The membership is required and the platform is strict about their profiles. Since members information will be public to potential buyers, this will enable them to be able to find and gain trust of who they are hiring for their

projects snd services in advance. Professional sellers can create their own projects or services to “sell,” such as a shopping store, and let buyers buy these products and “hire” them on the spot. Similar to renting a room on airbnb, but these would be the sellers services.

Also, the sellers must be clear and precise about the projects that they are offering, with a detailed description of services, what it includes and any limitations so that buyers can be comfortable in the services that they are purchasing in advance. Upon an order, it is the sellers responsibility to fulfill the order as well as being in charge of the relationship building with a new customer. This is a great opportunity to gain new clients and with more positive reviews, the easier it will be to build new business relationships.

The marketplace is launching in multiple countries, but is also limiting a few to minimize the economic problems of globalization.

Additional features the platform offers:
Founder Lizet Zayas continues to be passionate about the journey and the stories of entrepreneurs, and has made it her mission to share their stories in a more personal manner by featuring face to face interviews and sharing their stories to Successfuly’s online community. “I want people to know who they are hiring, as well as being able to get inspiration from these amazing entrepreneurs. I want them to have the ability to learn how their success came to be, and know that their journey was not easy; but with passion, hard work and determination anything can be achieved. I know that a lot of people will relate to some of those entrepreneur stories and as an entrepreneur myself, I want to support their success and encourage others to pursue their dreams. Successfuly will offer a separate section to feature qualified entrepreneurs as well,” said Lizet Zayas.

Where it is available:
Successfuly is available in 14 countries and is looking to expand worldwide.

Be Successfuly:
Successfuly is dedicated to promote inspiring professionals, and be the portal that connects these successful, goal achievers from all over the world with companies, startups and clients.

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Worldwide Launch of Successfuly

Worldwide Launch of Successfuly

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