LeakTronics Founder Darren Merlob to Speak at the 2018 International Pool and Spa Show

Talking about the forefronts of Commercial Leak Detection Technology, President and Founder of LeakTronics Darren Merlob shares his insights in Las Vegas on October 31st from 12:30 - 1:30 pm.

Canoga Park, CA, October 03, 2018 --(PR.com)-- The International Pool and Spa show launches the Expo season during the biggest weekend in Las Vegas - Halloween weekend. Taking place at the Mandalay Bay exposition hall, the show is all encompassing for Pool and Spa professionals and will bring together vendors and manufacturers from all around the world. Select speakers will be featured throughout the showcase, including LeakTronics founder and President Darren Merlob, who will speak on Commercial Pool and Spa leak Detection. The appearance takes place on the show floor from 12:30pm to 1:30pm and is open on a first come, first seated basis.

Attendees of the Pool and Spa show can use this link to purchase tickets and plan their weekend at the event. (https://l.feathr.co/cre18psp-landing-page-leaktronics/torquelock-structural-systems)

LeakTronics is the industry leader in manufacturing innovative and modern leak detection equipment. In an industry where companies simply rebrand and re-sell outdated leak detection equipment, like Fisher equipment, most of which is sub-par for the swimming pool industry and was created in the 1970’s. LeakTronics has developed state of the art equipment with modern technologies that surpass the standards of yesteryears leak detection methods a d has made them the manufacturer to watch. Using Phantom Power in their amplifier has raised the bar on hydrophone sensitivity, enhancing the ability to find leaks in pools and spas without having to dive the pool. Making sensitive and non-destructive equipment for vinyl liners has made a formerly wet and messy job in to something any pool service technician can do from outside the water. The brand’s selection of hydrophone technology enables leak detection in pools, spas, plumbing, underground, in vinyl liners and more. Using these technologies to perform professional leak detections is part of what Merlob will discuss during his presentation.

Commercial pool and spa leak detection takes on a bigger and more expansive task for detecting leaks. Plumbing is larger and commercial pools include equipment that residential pools don’t have. The methods for performing leak detection on commercial pools require a deeper understanding of the equipment and the ways to detect leaks in them. Darren Merlob will talk extensively on these methods at the International Pool and Spa show while reviewing the equipment necessary to identify leaks with pinpoint accuracy.

Outside of speaking engagement, Merlob will greet attendees inside the Mandalay Bay arena and showcase LeakTronics equipment one to one at the brand’s booth, number 1462. For commercial or residential pool technicians, it’s an opportunity to ask questions, handle the equipment and get one time deals on acquisition of products.

For more information, contact LeakTronics at www.leaktronics.com, or visit the International Pool and Spa Expo website. For information regarding this press release, contact joe@leaktronics.com.
Joe Dolan