AGS’s Climate Week NYC Solar Brunch, the Aftermath

New York, NY, October 07, 2018 --( Last Sunday, America Green Solar hosted yet another “Solar Brunch” for this year’s Climate Week in New York City. There was a wide range of attendees at the event with different backgrounds and needs regarding the solar industry. From students who were sent there for class assignments, to young college graduates, to home owners who couldn’t wait to go solar.

AGS’s Vice President was there to greet guests and provide a presentation on how to save energy by going solar and answer all of their questions. As opposed to the main purpose of these events, which is primarily to network, America Green Solar wanted everyone to know why they are the best choice when it comes to making your home green. Solar panel replicas were placed all around the venue to help give potential customers a visual idea of what the products that could save them money looks like. It is a very common statement, that change is not everyone’s favorite thing; therefore, making eco-friendly changes is not always the simplest transition. Providing more people with knowledge about what they would be getting into and allowing them to see how the system functions, is a huge factor in targeting larger groups of people.

The success of the Solar Brunches is increasing yearly; wider audiences, better firsthand information and more opportunities for networking are presenting themselves. America Green Solar has several upcoming events planned. In order to stay on top of future brunches, please check eventbrite or our social media pages at: @AmericaGreenSolar and @AmericaGreenSolar_
America Green Solar
Ella Tabak