Quintessa Marketing Has Expanded

Quintessa Marketing is reshaping the legal lead generation industry with their innovative ideas and dedication to the people that have been injured in an accident.

Quintessa Marketing Has Expanded
Oklahoma City, OK, October 11, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Quintessa Marketing is a fast-paced company in an even faster paced industry. Quickly becoming leaders in their sector, Quintessa Marketing is reshaping legal lead generation.

Quintessa Marketing is currently scaling up their Intake Department. They have hired 12 new staff to offset the rapid growth in clients. With the innovation of today’s communications they have been able to expand on how they help others.

The company started in a small, one desk office and has moved into a newly constructed suite giving them the opportunity to keep growing and further their reach. The suite has a separate break room for the employees to relax on their breaks and they are currently looking to add a game room as well.

The Executives now have their own space as well to entertain and do work. The Executive suite boasts a nice large conference room they like to call the “fish bowl” as its walls are made out of glass, all of which give them ample room to write down ideas while brainstorming.

The company is showing great promise in its endeavours to come and the new work environment is just one piece that makes them stand out and perform above the rest.
Quintessa Marketing
Alex Bryan