Why AGS is Essential to the Environment’s Survival – UN Intergovernmental Panel Declaration

New York, NY, October 14, 2018 --(PR.com)-- We may have hit an absolute low when it comes to climate change, this past week the UN’s intergovernmental panel declared the world had only a dozen years left to take the steps necessary to prevent a global warming catastrophe. Why is it so hard for people to address and take action when it comes to climate change?
People are always highly motivated to avoid threats, so why is this any different?

Regrettably, climate change is associated with several factors which affect people’s motivation towards it. One of the main issues is getting people to understand that we need to take action now in order to start solving a problem that will not be resolved in our life time. Long term commitment to a solution they may never see is not of people’s interest.

Another very large factor is getting people to believe in a critical problem that not all world leaders believe in, themselves. Let’s put this into perspective; consider the world leaders as role models. They are at the top of the chain because they were elected to be there by the public, which means that the majority of citizens want to hear what they have to say and believe them. If they themselves do not believe that climate change is playing a huge role on our planet, then why would their people?

Climate change is a nonlinear problem. Spending $5 on coffee a day is very easy to add and monitor into your weekly budget, no spreadsheet is needed; no accountant is needed, however, making a larger long term decision definitely does. This is what America Green Solar and many companies within the industry are trying to fight and get people to understand.

In order to apply to the fraction of the population who do not believe or care about climate change, the situation needs to be broken down, straight forward and short term. As previously stated, the UN intergovernmental panel released an official statement which said that be the year 2040, the temperature will rise by 2.7 Degrees Fahrenheit. There is no excuse now; it is either take action now or the environment will take over completely.
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Ella Tabak