America Green Solar Proud to Announce New Partnership with Eco Bru Toothbrushes

New York, NY, October 21, 2018 --( Our environment has been asking for help for years now and people are finally starting to take action. There is a reason why “small changes lead to big changes” is a fairly accurate statement, especially when it comes to this. The damage that has been done to our earth did not happen overnight, therefore, logically speaking; the solution will not come in a day either.

Let’s evaluate one of the biggest problems and how it could and should be tackled. Recycling, more specifically; plastic. This is where AGS is happy to state that Eco Bru has dedicated their time and efforts to solving a portion of the plastic epidemic. The company sells bamboo toothbrushes as opposed to plastic ones. They come in all sorts of colors and their packaging is ecofriendly.

In addition to that their packaging is ecofriendly, according to bio based world news; 3.5 billion toothbrushes are manufactured every single year. Stating reality, they are not all being recycled or disposed of correctly. Having various companies fighting for the same mission and industry is wonderful. However, coming together is more powerful and can provide the earth with a solution in a more effective manner. Although a toothbrush may seem like a small product overall, it is causing an excessive amount of damage to the environment that doesn’t need to be happening.

Earlier this month, AGS proudly announced that they have decided to cut out plastic use entirely; their staff was more than willing to declutter the offices of all plastic products and have kept their promise since then. Certain aspects of climate change and global warming will be much harder to solve, however by choosing a plastic alternative toothbrush a small change is being made in the right direction. AGS is truly honored that they are now part of the no plastic movement and have joined the many companies whose passion it is to help save the environment.
America Green Solar
Ella Tabak