ACSPI Offers Pool Inspection Certification Online Training

The Association Of Certified Swimming Pool Inspectors offers online training and certification for Home Inspectors to increase their value in the workplace.

Canoga Park, CA, October 26, 2018 --( Using an online training platform with universal access, the ACSPI is training Home Inspectors in the proper methods of swimming pool inspection, sparing home buyers the nightmare of discovering costly pool repairs after a home is sold. Available at, the training comes complete with the innovative Pro Complete leak detection kit from LeakTronics and a list of materials to implement the training and build a solid business around the ability to properly inspect swimming pools.

A swimming pool inspection without a leak detection is useless. The trend in the industry is to provide a visual inspection of a homeowner, or home buyer's swimming pool. A visual inspection alone does not factually tell someone that a pool is or isn't leaking. While structural cracks can be seen, the question of whether they are causing water loss cannot be verified visually. Pipes that leak under patios and concrete don't show leaks, and seepage in bond beams and behind tiles may not reveal water loss until it's too late. When a home with a swimming pool is purchased, finding leaks that require repair comes after the fact. The buyer now owns the problems.

LeakTronics leak detection equipment is built to discover leaks using highly sensitive listening technology, and can discover if a pool is leaking, or not, often in less than an hour of time. Just put the mic in the pool. LeakTronic's Pool Scope and Pipe Mic use phantom power provided by the LT1000 amplifier and detect leaks in the pool shell by simply listening under static conditions. This means, with all pool equipment off, the sounds made from pressure pushing water through cracks and plumbing breaks can be heard loud and clear. The methods of discovering leaks in the pool shell, plumbing and equipment are part of the training provided by the ACSPI Swimming pool Inspection program.

Taught by pool industry veteran Darren Merlob, the founder and inventor of LeakTronics equipment, Merlob brings more than 30 years of practical experience to the training and covers a 300 point inspection checklist to verify the functionality of the pool and it's equipment as well as the detailed methods of using LeakTronics listening technologies to perform a proper leak detection on a pool, spa and related equipment. By adding these abilities to a pool inspection, Home Inspectors can do more than verify that a pool is leak free, they can increase their income on a job. An average swimming pool inspection with leak detection fetches upwards of five-hundred dollars or more, and builds a trusting relationship between real estate agents, who need this service when transferring a property between parties. Home sales with swimming pools are a big market, and the market is booming. What's more, contractors that perform pool repair can use this verified knowledge of leaks to bid repair work without having to sub-contract their leak detections to another company. Keeping the ability to accurately identify leaks in a pool environment in house spares time and saves money. The training is equally important to Home Inspectors as well as pool professionals and pool builders. Pools leak. Finding those leaks is the first step to reducing problems in the future.

The ACSPI is an organization of trained and certified pool inspectors and leak detection specialists that provide certification level professionalism around the world. Customers in need of swimming pool inspections and leak detections look for certified professionals that have been trained by the ACSPI to get their jobs done right. Certified trainees are listed on the ACSPI website and are referred to customers when they inquire about professional services.

Training includes more than just instruction on performing leak detections and inspections. The course includes paperwork for operating as a business, information on customer psychology, marketing and the all important 300 point inspection checklist that guarantees trainees are performing a thorough inspection, every time.

To learn more, ask questions and enroll in the certification training, interested parties can visit All contact information is available, as well as a detailed list of the training components, equipment and process for certification.

About the ACSPI

ACSPI Leak Detection and Swimming Pool Inspection Training certifies the inspector can and will do more than perform visual inspections and basic inspections. With certification, you’ll be trained to provide the most intensive inspection of a swimming pool and it’s accessories in the world. You’ll learn what to look for, how to report on it, ways to price out repair costs, how to construct your business and how to market to the clients that need you now, and will rely on you in the future. Learn more at

About LeakTronics

LeakTronics is an innovative manufacturer of leak detection equipment for plumbers, pool repair specialists and leak detection professionals. Through it's growing catalog of available leak detection tools, on site and on-line training and worldwide sales outreach, LeakTronics is helping reduce repair expenses and high volume water waste worldwide. By manufacturing their equipment 100 percent in house, LeakTronics is able to guarantee the quality assurance and customer care that makes LeakTronics the worldwide leader in leak detection equipment. For more information, visit
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