Alice Palmeri, LMT Gives Talk on the Benefits of Massage for ADHD

Alice Palmeri, LMT speaks at Soma space in Northwest Portland, Oregon about massage and ADHD.

Porltand, OR, October 29, 2018 --( Alice Palmeri, LMT gave a talk at The Float Shoppe Annex in Northwest Portland, Oregon. The talk focused on massage and ADHD and was given on October 12, 2018. Palmeri discussed the benefits of massage for children and adults with ADHD. Palmeri suggested adding biofeedback to massage sessions to aid those dealing with ADHD. The talk lasted half an hour and was attended well by a group of interested local community members.

Palmeri stated, "ADHD can be difficult to live with, but there are ways to help children and adults manage their symptoms. With a combination of massage and biofeedback, it's possible to increase their ability to focus, be generally calmer, and gain better organizational skills. Kids that get 2 20-minute massages a week, have significant improvement in their ADHD symptoms. Kids with less ADHD symptoms tend to do better in school and home and generally feel better about themselves."

Palmeri took questions after the talk. She works as a licensed massage therapist at Portland Pilates Collection and Wellness Center in southeast Portland and has an office in northwest Portland. Her specialties include massage therapy for children, chronic pain massage, postpartum massage, and migraine relief massage therapy.
Alice Palmeri, LMT
Alice Palmeri