Tonia DeCosimo Founded P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) to Support Women's Empowerment

Tonia DeCosimo Founded P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) to Support Women's Empowerment
Manhasset, NY, December 08, 2018 --( Tonia DeCosimo founded P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) as a source to empower women in all industries and professions. It is an organization where women are featured to acknowledge their perseverance, dedication, and accomplishments and to showcase their successes.

Why Tonia DeCosimo Founded P.O.W.E.R.
Tonia DeCosimo, a successful entrepreneur, knows that women are doing more today than ever and they deserve recognition. Feeling women were not getting enough credit and exposure for their achievements in their industries and professions, Tonia decided to create P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized).

P.O.W.E.R. is a website,, as well as a quarterly digital and print magazine for women professionals in all different industries and professions on a national and international level. They feature celebrities, A-listers and everyday hardworking woman. By interviewing celebrities and big shots, Tonia shows women that there is nothing they can’t achieve. She has interviewed and featured many powerful and famous women such as Susan Lucci, The Pointer Sisters, Trish McEvoy, Heather Dubrow, Bobbi Brown, to name a few. She discusses topics with them that are relevant to all women including how they got started in their field, how they juggle family and career and what advice they would give to women starting out in their industry. P.O.W.E.R. Magazine also features women who have made it to the pinnacle of their careers in fields including law, science, technology, finance and healthcare as well as women who have devoted their lives to helping others through nonprofits and community service. By being part of P.O.W.E.R., they receive the credit and recognition they deserve for their amazing accomplishments. The paths that these women have traveled will help inspire and motivate women who are just starting in their careers. P.O.W.E.R. showcases women who are both women of excellence in their fields as well as rising stars who are working toward that next level.

Tonia’s advice to women is to never allow someone to tell you that you can’t achieve your goals. If you do fail at something, it will be a lesson to learn from and should only make you stronger. You should never give up, yet always remain realistic and plan your strategies carefully.

About Tonia DeCosimo
Tonia DeCosimo is an entrepreneur, author, publisher, columnist and host. She received a B.S. degree in Elementary Education and English from Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York. Her career path, however, took her into the fields of marketing, publishing and advertising in which she has worked successfully for the past twenty-five years. During that time Tonia has built and managed several companies for others. She eventually started her own businesses, one of them being P.O.W.E.R. Tonia is a contributing writer for Thrive Global and discussing issues important to women.

Tonia is also the author of her published book, “Single and Not Settling! A Journey of Surviving the Dating World" which is a memoir and self-help book about her trials and tribulations of searching for love in the 21st century. So far, she has been on 21 radio shows throughout the country, co-hosted a Long Island radio show called Pros and Cons with Tonia and Lisa, she has appeared at two book signings on Long Island and has been featured in the October 2017 edition of Long Island Woman Magazine showcased under “Meet This Long Island Woman.” One of Tonia’s beloved undertakings is writing a monthly column for The Date Mix, The Web Magazine hosted by, one of the largest dating sites in the U.S. Writing gives Tonia the chance to share her experiences, advice and ideas with those who are facing their own dating challenges, especially those over the age of 40.

With respect to future goals, Tonia plans to continue building successful organizations to empower others, and to promote her book and magazine as an inspiration for people not to settle and to persevere in their lives.

Tonia is a wife and proud stepmom. She enjoys cooking and travel. She is also involved with church functions and supports the Wounded Warrior Project, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and ACLD (Adult and Children with Learning Disabilities).

About P.O.W.E.R. Magazine (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) and
P.O.W.E.R is a website as well as a digital and print magazine featuring celebrities and everyday hardworking professional women. Our mission is to provide a powerful network of empowering women who will mentor and inspire each other to be the best they can be. Through our valuable services, our members can collaborate with like-minded professionals, gain recognition and obtain knowledge from those who have already achieved success.
P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized)
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