P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) Honors the Newest Women of Empowerment Members

P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) Honors the Newest Women of Empowerment Members
Manhasset, NY, December 11, 2018 --(PR.com)-- P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is proud to recognize their newest Women of Empowerment members who have been honored for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About The Women of Empowerment Members
P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is pleased to introduce the newest Women of Empowerment members who are now recognized members of P.O.W.E.R.:

Crystal Choplick--Animal Welfare
Clameirdre Prince--Consulting
Taylor Anne Levy--Apparel/Fashion
Paulette E. Melvin--Construction/Building
Cheryl D. Hooten--Retail Industry
Stella L. Jones--Retail Industry
Linda LaFine--Telecommunications
Suzanne Constance--Beauty/Cosmetics
Maggie A. Khoury--Real Estate Agency
Ana R. Perez--Financial Services
Kimberly H. Wynn--Construction/Building
Gloria B. Gertzman--Healthcare
Cindy Liu--Import/Export
Victoria I. Fonseca--Chemicals
Tranisha Rene Dangerfield--Education
Linda C. Hair--Healthcare
Nancy Ferger--Food/Beverages
Gloria D. Dunklin--Education
Precious Q. Ivy--Retail Industry
Sireka G--Law/Legal Services
Nina Schmidbaur--Mental Health Care
Jenaka Curtis--Publishing
Nancy A. Burrell--Financial Services
Clara McLaughlin--Media Broadcasting
Shamekia N. Davis--Healthcare
Natasha M. Artis--Pharmaceuticals
Perla Lichi--Interior Design
Debony R. Hughes--Dentist
Vicki L. Colacicco--Hospitality
Joyce A. Przybyl--Media
Timiadi Edogi--Health Services
Laura A. Cunningham--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Lois E. O'Daniels--Healthcare
Monica E. Rodriguez--Financial Services
Chaka Phelps--Healthcare
Jennifer Dearman--Publishing
Nereyda E Diaz--Apparel/Fashion
Polly G. DellaCrosse--Education
Jacqueline D. Sanders--Art
Annette Hadley--Art
Jane Cebrynski--Real Estate
Ava R. Gayle--Art
Ghezal Gonzalez--Financial Services
Lenora M. Robinson--Education
M.L. Peggy Wells--E-Commerce
Doris Day--Healthcare
Jaisha Morris--Beauty/Cosmetics
Barbara A. Pierce--Nutrition/Wellness
Sandra L. Baca--Education
Barbara A. Lester--Construction/Building
Brian Whitney--Web Design
Sue Lee--Beauty/Cosmetics
Darlene K. Edwards--Chemicals
Syeda A. Rasool--Healthcare
Debra Traficante--Education
Tina Marie Deters--Healthcare
Junaid Akhtar--Alternative Medicine
Yvette Best--Accounting
DiJuanna LeFurgey--Retail Industry
Samantha Inesta--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Christy Mason--Retail Industry
Karen L. Trocke-Kandah--Pet Sitting
Susan Haller--Alternative Medicine
Laura J. Mansell--Education
Nevlyn Grace Nicholson--Human Resources/HR
Betty D. Seltzer--Insurance
Shannon McShane--Civic/Social Organization
Kimberly Blake--Sewing
Denise Green--Catering
Marilyn E. Maze--Psychologist
Mary M. Willy-Lozano--Nutrition/Wellness
Kathy Bowen-Fisher--Education
Leona J. May--Government
Connie Harris--Healthcare
Sherry LaRowe--Health Services
Barbara J. McNeal--Nutrition/Wellness
Parminder K. Bajwa--Retail Industry
Cassandra Cho--Architecture/Planning/Design
Chelsea Addison--Law/Legal Services
LaTangela T. Gully--Retail Industry
Stefanie Spitalnic--Beauty/Cosmetics
Sindy N. Fondren--Healthcare
Daun A. Thomas--Beauty/Cosmetics
Grace Vaughn--Publishing
Barbara A. Sheedy--Construction/Building
Manjusha P. Sheobaran--Insurance
Mary Surrena--Real Estate
Karen A. Roulette--Writer
Vanessa Y. McKinney--Insurance
Cynthia K. Mayweather--Advertising/Marketing
Gloria A. Brown--Education
Gloria Knoll--Mental Health Care
Kerri Garrison--Insurance
Lora Mayo-Brown--Catering
Barbara McFadden--Graphic Design/Web Design
Christine Garner--Healthcare
Diane Neustadt--Financial Services
Erika Seaborn--Insurance
Gashbeen Ahmad--Healthcare
Shawna Edmonds--Beauty/Cosmetics
Michele C. York--Automotive
Ernestine S. Moreno--Consulting
Martha Garcia--Event Services
Jenica N. Nathaniel--Law Enforcement
Elissa Jeanne Santoro--Healthcare
Althea P. Davis--Healthcare
Laura Davis--Insurance
Micheline Avril--Hospitality
Theresa Damaso--Information Technology/IT
Jane Gariepy--Education
Tess-Marites Lankovich--Fine Art
Monalisa Ferrari--Education
Dannette Smith--Health Services
Kim Johnson--Healthcare
Sheila M. Dee--Healthcare
Shavonda Freeman--Travel
Kathleen Jorgenson--Real Estate
Beverly Johnson--Publishing
Sharon R. Lintzman--Health Services
Susan Silverman--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Fran T. Romeo--Consulting
Kinyata Barnett--Transportation
Alyssa Greiner--Public Relations/PR
Natasha Beslin--Retail Industry
Candace Giles--Education
Vickie D. Naney--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Elonda Y. Hatter--Insurance
Christine Truitt--Beauty/Cosmetics
Lisa Todd--Interior Design
Rebecca E. Dieringer--Law/Legal Services
Susy McMillen--Financial Services
Demetra Y. Elder-Williams--Entertainment
Sandra E. Patnode--Mental Health Care
Mary J. Ardissone--Health Services
Sharon L. Badger--Event Services
Sharon Gertzman--Healthcare
Natoshia Hailey--Event Services
Sonya Harris Saunders--Government
Neco Beasley--Beauty/Cosmetics
Esther M. Bevels--Healthcare
Heather Sharpe--Food/Beverages
Laura Greco--Beauty/Cosmetics
Lorraine H. Painter--Health Services
Rita A. Williams--Health/Fitness
Catherine L. Clarkson--Oil/Gas/Energy/Solar
Paula M. Turk--Health/Fitness
Daphne Clarke-Hudson--Coaching
Normajean Valdez--Insurance
Caren Peyton--Real Estate
Jane Malecki--Consulting
Brenna L. Treadway--Health Services
Christine Bates--Nutrition/Wellness
Latisha Wright--Beauty/Cosmetics
Shelley A. Krasnick--Retail Industry
Regina F. Cole--Education
Christine M. Cuccinello--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Jocelyn E. Jeriah--Information Technology/IT
Deborah E. Johnson--Consulting
Jane Caruso--Financial Services
Melissa Porterfield--Consulting
Kathy Anderson--Apparel/Fashion
Vanessa R. Lefebvre--Beauty/Cosmetics
Dannette L. Cody--Automotive
Tifea Huey--Security
Patricia Broderick--Healthcare
Casandra S. Cole--Beauty/Cosmetics
Jessica Floyd--Beauty/Cosmetics
Sandi Alex-Saunders--Publishing
Carol A. Stormer--Healthcare
Kathryn M. Griffin--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Glenda W. Reitzell--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Veronica A. Wright--Transportation
Phyllis S. Lyons--Retail Industry
Amanda Ratliff--Education
Joy Martin--Sports
Daniele Morgan--Cleaning Service
Sherri Covington--Education
Laurie M. Johnson--Healthcare
Olimpia I. Ramirez--Insurance
Anna Colla--Nutrition/Wellness
Irene Johnson--Health Services
Franchesca R. Evans--Information Technology/IT
Jacqueline A. Anim--Medical Equipment
Debi Blair--Healthcare
Kim Vogel--Financial Services
Dawn Terrick--Advertising/Marketing
Dawn Colleen Herdendorf--Beauty/Cosmetics
Pamela A. Sattiewhite--Consulting
Sandra T. Perez--Financial Services
Diane P. Rogers--Environmental Services
Cherie Alleyne--Retail Industry
Virginia Dori--Consultant
Chantillia Humphries--Cleaning Service
Denisha Dasha Williams--Massage Therapy
Sharrette Arnold--Education
Chrissy DeLoughrey--Oil/Gas/Energy/Solar
Melissa Y. Zales--Consulting
Valerie Heston--Educator
Tina Jackson--Fishing
Chrissy Haux--Health Services
Linda Sanicola--Mental Health Care
Theresa Betler--Education
Leslie D. Rich--Director
Norma McLauchlin--Publishing
Pamela Lynn Curry--Transportation
Allison B. Findeiss--Advertising/Marketing
Kristine Delahunt-Haag--Counselor
Starr L. Farrish--Accounting
Twain N. Revell--Apparel/Fashion
Josephine McNeill--Health Services
Shari Zamarian--Education
Nokita Beck-Temple--Consulting

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