New Horizons for Laser Therapy: ASAlaser Presents MiS – MLS® High Peak Pulse

The company from Vicenza, (Italy), a leader in the production of laser therapy, launches a new high-performing device at “Medica 2018” which offers early and scientifically proven results by combining the synchronised action of MLS® Laser Therapy with the pulse power of Hilterapia®.

Vicenza, Italy, November 20, 2018 --( For the second consecutive year, ASAlaser chooses “Medica – International Trade Fair for Hospital and Medical Technology” (Düsseldorf, 12-15 November) as the stage to present a new device which stands as the top expression of its specialisation in developing therapeutic solutions based on laser sources and of its vocation for research. Where the 2017 edition of the German Fair was characterised by the launch of TT, the 2018 edition is marked by MiS – MLS® High Peak Pulse.

This new-born device represents a combination of the excellent features of MLS® (Multiwave Locked System) Laser Therapy – a therapy based on an impulse which is the result of two wavelengths with two different emission modes (continuous and pulsed) capable of generating an effective duo able to promote analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioedema and tissue repair effects – and of Hilterapia®, a therapeutic solution which hinges on using a Nd:YAG pulsed laser source with patented and researched emission features to effectively reach deep tissues, in a safe and controlled manner.

“MiS,” explains Silvia Vitulo, ASAlaser Product Specialist, “is the perfect synthesis between the synchronised action of the MLS® impulse, from which it inherits the wave lengths, the proven effectiveness and the scientific evidence, and the pulsed power of Hilterapia®.”

This makes MiS the departure point for developing a new generation of therapeutic devices, “made in” ASAlaser, the fruit of the technological and scientific know-how acquired by the company.

"With the goal of enhancing the already proven advantages provided by the MLS® impulse," Vitulo adds. "Our staff has employed an optical fibre, patent pending, and a new modulation capable of transmitting even more intense and penetrating energy packages into tissues. All completely safely, as the high instant energy is modulated through very brief impulses which stimulate the biological processes on which the therapeutic effects are based, whilst however maintaining control of the thermal effect. An intuition that allows opening the door to new therapeutic objectives, particularly in the field of peripheral neuropathies."

This is also confirmed by scientific research.

From a biological point of view, in fact, by favouring the recovery of damaged nervous fibres in the area of the lesion – as is supported by histological and immunohistochemical analyses – treatment with MiS is suitable for treating neuropathic pain. Thanks to its emission characteristics which allow it to act on pain and its causes, the ASA device is in addition the most suitable answer for pain management cases (muscular, articular, tendinopathies, contractures, trigger points), oedemas and tissue damage, both superficial and deep. Its anti-inflammatory, tissue repair and pain reduction actions allow achieving early and scientifically proven results.

Design and software in the name of innovation.

The distinctly high-performing nature of MiS is also ensured by the user interface (high resolution 10” touch screen), advanced software, versatile and intuitive, the extreme operating flexibility, easily updated via USB drive. No less important are both the pluses provided by the predefined protocols which act dynamically according to the anatomical area, the pathology, the patient’s characteristics and the clinical phase and the treatment parameters which can be defined in the personal area completely independently. Finally, in the name of the highest safety and the best performance, the system is capable of generating dynamic QR Codes for forwarding data to ASA Service, in order that the device can be controlled by remote.

"MiS," concludes Roberto Marchesini, ASAlaser Managing Director, "totally expresses our evolution and the achievement of the objective we set right from our founding in 1983: to pursue the patient’s well-being and, in parallel, to enhance the therapist’s professionalism. The person, his/her needs and reconquering a better standard of life are the focus of our tireless work which has now brought us to developing a device which represents a turning point for our company. The scientific studies carried out have in fact highlighted that its features generate new therapeutic effects, hitherto hardly described in the field of laser therapy, capable of broadening its application potential towards pathologies with a high social impact. A foundation to open new routes for fostering increasingly efficient levels of care."
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