Greenline POS Announces Release of One-Click Compliance Reports for Cannabis Retailers

Vancouver, Canada, December 01, 2018 --( Greenline POS, a Canadian cannabis dispensary POS and inventory management solution is proud to announce one-click compliance reports for cannabis retail.

Acquiring and maintaining provincial cannabis retail licenses is the foundation for all cannabis businesses. Accurate, punctual monthly provincial compliance reporting is the only way to secure the future of a retail cannabis operation. This is why Greenline POS provides accurate, automatically generated compliance reporting with the click of a button. These monthly compliance reports are tailored to the exact specifications of each provincial system.

Greenline POS is committed to making life easy for cannabis dispensaries, and is built to solve the ever-changing compliance needs within the Canadian cannabis industry by automating the report generation for retailers at no extra cost.

Greenline POS has made the commitment to service Canadian cannabis dispensaries exclusively in order to guarantee that all future changes in compliance reporting for Canadian cannabis retailers will always be met as a priority.

This reporting upgrade allows retailers to save many days of employee work by automating all regulatory reporting needs and allowing retailers to focus on what matters most: the cannabis consumer.

Greenline POS is a Canadian-owned and operated company dedicated to providing point-of-sale and inventory management solutions for Canadian cannabis retailers (in store and online). Greenline POS has razor sharp focus on Canadian law and compliance to provide an automated way for retailers to meet their compliance needs.

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Alejandro Arce