SocksLane Celebrates 1 Year of Campaign Towards Leg Health Awareness

SocksLane continue to support women’s health through their awareness campaign.

Portland, OR, December 12, 2018 --( SocksLane, the leading distributor and manufacturer of cotton compression socks in Amazon, is a pioneer in "Legs Health Awareness.” This campaign is geared towards professionals, working moms, and women who do a lot of walking, running around and standing.

The company first started it Leg’s Health Awareness Campaign on September 28, 2017. To celebrate its first year anniversary, the company is even broadening its campaign by specifically targeting women who are in the health profession, specifically nurses.

Amanda Dixon, the company CMO said, "I am happy that our campaign towards leg health awareness is taking fruit. A lot of professionals, working moms, specifically nurses are now wearing compression socks daily. There are hundreds of working moms who have the risk of getting lower leg problems, wearing compression socks lessens the incidents of these leg problems.” She further added, “Legs are a part our body that we often neglect. Taking care of our legs should also be our top priority.”

Gina, a nurse from Utah expressed in her feedback, “I have been working hard, running around the hospital and there is no dull moment. I literally get leg cramps especially before the end of my shift. I tried a lot of compression socks before which I find very helpful but I like these the most because they are cotton and comfortable. I have 12 pairs at home. I enjoy their designs as well.”

Compression socks have been long well known and patronized by athletes to improve performance and recovery. The campaign of SocksLane that has been running for one year to date has helped a lot of nurses relieve leg fatigue, deep vein thrombosis (a.k.a Economy class syndrome), leg cramps and the like.

Aside from providing compression socks for women, the company also provides after sales support and blogs that inform women on how to lessen leg pain, improve lifestyle and their overall health. They give out free eBooks and publish 2 articles weekly that address vital health issues of women.

A pair of SocksLane can be conveniently bought on To know more about their products click the link below:
Amanda Dixon