LeakTronics Helps Australian Residents Facing Concealed Water Leakage Concession Policies

As Australia faces increased water bills from hidden leaks, LeakTronics offers help with their equipment, professional locator and training.

Sydney, Australia, December 16, 2018 --(PR.com)-- LeakTronics, the leak detection equipment manufacturer and worldwide distributer offers training and equipment to find costly hidden leaks that are plaguing Australia’s east coast from Tenterfield to Sydney. Online training packages, including professional grade equipment are available immediately to help plumbers meet the need for leak detection in residential homes.

The Tenterfield Star posted an article in the regional paper regarding new water leak policies coming to New South Wales in Australia. Unexpectedly large water bills are on the rise as a result of unseen leaks on residential properties. The Tenterfield Shire Council passed a policy at its November meeting which details the necessary steps to meet the criteria.

The Council will adopt the practice that is already working at other councils for dealing with ratepayers’ requests for some relief on their bills under these unforeseen circumstances. Take note, however, that it relates only where a large water consumption charge is generated as a result of a concealed water leak, not leaks caused by appliances which should be able to be readily detected and rectified.

For homeowners, this could mean plumbing that runs under the foundation, or in other unseen locations around the property where water might be leaking, but the result of the leak isn’t readily visible. This includes irrigation systems, or outside plumbing that feeds pool equipment, or secondary buildings that run off the main house water supply.

LeakTronics, the Los Angeles, USA based leak detection manufacturer and distributor offers solutions for homeowners to identify the costly leaks and essentially, nip the bill in the bud before it becomes a high cost debt for simply having water services. This includes leak detection equipment for plumbers, as well as an online technician locator for homeowners to find professional and trained leak detection technicians that use LeakTronics innovative and accurate leak detection equipment to find hidden leaks.

Homeowners can visit www.leaktronics.com and click on the Find A Pro link to see leak detection pros in their immediate area who can help solve their issues with finding hidden leaks. LeakTronics map reveals more than a dozen professionals who provide leak detection services between Sydney and Tenterfield and more than a dozen located just north of Tenterfield. LeakTronics provides all the company contact information for free too.

For plumbers that want to add these necessary leak detections to their services, LeakTronics offers online training packages that include the Plumbers Professional Leak Detection Kit with all the equipment necessary to find leaks anywhere on the property, including leaks that hide underground. Interested plumbers, or those who want to start their own leak detection business, can find information on the official company website, or can call or email for more information. All contact information is available at www.leaktronics.com.
Joe Dolan