Headache Cured Before It Even Starts

Sea Aged Wine of Javea Spain have made an important discovery.

Javea, Spain, December 17, 2018 --(PR.com)-- It has now been proven by drinkers comments, after drinking wine which has been sea aged in seawater tanks on land, that hangovers seem to be a thing of the past. Sea Aged Wine of Javea in Spain have now been in the Spanish and German press and have been filmed by La Sexta, the national Spanish news channel.

Not only is the wine they age softer and more rounded, with “the edges taken off,” it has been reported by consumers of the sea aged wine that a so called hangover doesn't occur. People who suffered from a headache as they drank wine due to either the sulphates or tannins also found they did not have a headache.

It is important to point out that this particular Sea Aged Wine is aged on land in patent protected tanks, invented by Graham Smith. The tanks are far more efficient at ageing wine in seawater than in the open sea itself. Plus it saves the marine environment from being polluted or even killed off.

The tanks that age the bottles of wine in seawater on land, are now full with the orders from the public and bodegas (wine shops).

This new finding makes tank sea aged wine, a wine which can be drank by almost everyone, without the fear of a hangover or a headache. So long as it is drank responsibly.

www.seaagedwine.com and www.seaagedcava.com are the websites which the company have. “We are so pleased about this discovery. We set out to make wine which tasted better than if it had not been aged in our tanks. To have this discovery as well is fantastic,” said Graham Smith, the inventor of the Sea Aged Wine tanks.

Here are the links to the recent press reports by the Spanish and German press coverage:

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