TVS Classic Sports Network 24/7 Ad Supported Streaming Channel Launched on Platform

TVS Television Network began producing and distributing national sports programming in 1960. Now, it's taking its 10,000 classic sports event library and presenting it as a free to view post cable network via the Giniko platform, which includes access via ROKU, Amazon Fire, Google Play, Android TV, and Apple IOS systems.

California City, CA, January 07, 2019 --( TVS Classic Sports Network has been officially launched on the Giniko USA.Com platform. The 24.7 streaming channel is the only post cable network in the Classic Sports genre to be available in a streaming fashion. TVS Classic Sports Network is ad supported and free to view on Giniko USA.Com, Apple IOS, Amazon Fire, ROKU, and Android TV platforms.

TVS Television Network is the fourth oldest commercial broadcast TV network in the USA. Founded in 1960, TVS is in it's 59th year of producing and distributing mational sports programming. TVS has produced NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football Bowl Games, World Football League, Ladies Pro Bowlers Tour, IWA Wrestling, Indy Car Racing, NASCAR Racing, PBA Regional and Senior Bowling, NASL Soccer, AIAW Wmens Sports Championships, the World University Games, PGAOne Club Golf, WCT Tennis, World Championship Boxing, and many other sports events. All of these events are now being programmed on to TVS Classic Sports Network.

In 1994, TVS provided 300 major sports events to help launch the original Classic Sports Network. All of this programming now resides on the TVS Classic Sports Network.

TVS Ad handles all of the advertising,promotion, and marketing opportunities for TVS Classic Sports Network. Headed by iconic cable TV advertising pioneer Jerry Wolff, TVS AD is located in New York and Miami.

TVS Television Network is located in the Greater Los Angeles area and currently produces more than 250 sports programs each year. TVS produces the TVS Distant Replay series as well as a full slate of new sports events.
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