Sea Aged Cider Has Arrived. Now Available in Europe, Sea Aged Cider Tastes Much Softer and Smoother Than Non Sea Aged.

Cider needs to be pasteurised to kill harmful bacteria, this also tends to make the taste dull and lifeless. However, once Sea Aged in patented on land seawater tanks, it changes completely.

Javea, Spain, January 09, 2019 --( Back comes the full flavour that heat treating seemed to kill off. Of course the flavour was always there, it just needed to be brought out.

That's exactly what the on land seawater tanks have been able to do. Submerging the bottles of cider in seawater, in complete darkness and at 14°C temperature, allows a reaction within the cider. The fermentation is sped up and the flavours are full and lively.

The sea aged wine company which ages wine in this way, have, due to demand, experimented with ageing cider in this way and with fantastic results.

This new Sea Aged Cider product comes from Spain and is made with 100% Spanish apples. "When you try a like for like taste, you really can tell the difference, Sea Aged Cider becomes more lively and has a fuller flavour. It's much smoother compared to the non sea aged,” said Graham Smith the inventor of the patented sea ageing tanks.

The bottles are available in 75cl, 4.5%Vol. Which is 1.3 Imperial pints. is the website for the cider and contact can be made.
Tel UK 0044 2380 970302 or Spain head office 0034 662 406 516
Sea Aged Wine
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