Torque Lock Ships to Indonesia for Post Earthquake Structural Repair

Torque Lock Structural Staples are shipping to Indonesia to begin rebuilding devastated concrete structures after the 7.0 earthquake.

Canoga Park, CA, January 09, 2019 --( Torque Lock, the company that manufactures the Torque Lock Structural Staple, is delivering the patented product to Indonesia for the stabilization of concrete structures damaged during the recent string of earthquakes that have devastated the landscape. Contractors are using the staples to secure concrete separations and structural damage to ensure stability as the nation rebuilds homes and buildings that enable communities to survive.

During the recent events that have transpired as a result of earthquakes that have rocked the nation, foundations and concrete structures that homes and businesses stand on are suffering from cracking, and the potential of weakened support due to concrete separation. Using Torque Lock Structural Staples and the method of application by which they are applied, contractors are able to secure areas now showing cracks in the concrete to stabilize the foundations before rebuilding. This aids in keeping structures physically sound and keeps further separation in the concrete from happening.

The Torque Lock Structural Staple uses a controlled post-tension compression to stabilize cracking structures and keeps the crack from further spreading. Once properly applied, concrete slabs, walls and foundations that have the potential to completely separate and ultimately face having to be demolished and re-poured, meaning the entire structure gets rebuilt from the ground up, now can be rescued from costly rebuilding efforts, and can be saved from having to demolish the entire property. Installed staples are covered with concrete and finished to resolve cracking by providing a smooth finished surface as if the crack never happened.

Torque Lock Staples are applicable to any solid poured concrete structure, including foundations, floors and walls, sea walls, fountains, swimming pools, sidewalks and walking paths and more. This includes corner and radius applications, vertical and horizontal flat surfaces and areas where cracking, leaking and separations occur.

For details on the patented Torque Lock Structural Staple and it’s application, purchase and distribution, visit Product can be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website and visitors can find videos and instruction on how to properly use the staples to secure concrete structures and avoid the need for demolition.
Joe Dolan