Reviewmeta Finds Average Rating of 4.7 Out of 5 for SocksLane Reviews

Portland, OR, March 14, 2019 --( reviews have come under fire in the past for possible spam and fake reviews, with some brands being heavily affected or being accused of having padded reviews. Some review even maliciously take down a product or brand, diminishing its effectiveness in the eyes of prospective buyers.

Services like Reviewmeta screen the many reviews a product has online, weeding out potentially inflated ones and arriving at a "cleaner" final rating. When this service was applied to SocksLane, the initial average rating of 4.7/5 actually held steady at 4.7/5 after potentially padded reviews were weeded out. This is a good indicator that suggests that the generally overwhelmingly positive reception to SocksLane products is genuine, with many users eagerly sharing positive experiences with the product.

This makes for a successfully maintained product reputation, as SocksLane has always sought to provide customers with the most comfortable, best-fitting compression socks. This is accomplished through a well-thought-out blend of 65% combed cotton and 35% Lycra and Spandex and other hypoallergenic fibers. SocksLane's snug-fitting products as a result don't cause allergic reactions that might be common in other brands' synthetics-composed compression socks, a huge relief considering the tightness of compression socks against the skin.

Customer reviews on bear this out, with remarks like "these compression socks look normal, feel great, and are relatively easy to get on and off with no special gadgets" (user "Libertysings"); "your socks don't break out my skin, or over squeeze, or under squeeze, or fall down to my ankles, etc. Literally I have worn them for a 14 hour day and later an 18 hour day and never felt uncomfortable or worried about my feet/ankles/calves." (user "CandizzyMom"); and "The socks were very comfortable; no undue pressure on my legs. Frankly, I hardly felt them on. And after 14 hours sitting on a plane (twice), at the end of the trip my legs showed no swelling at all!" (user "BigSky")

SocksLane products can be purchased on Amazon at or through the company website,, or
Amanda Dixon