MyMy Hip Hop Tapped by Renowned DJ Whoo Kid to Showcase Top Unsigned Talent

MyMy Hip Hop Tapped by Renowned DJ Whoo Kid to Showcase Top Unsigned Talent
Atlanta, GA, March 11, 2019 --( MyMy Hip Hop, the streaming music platform which allows listeners to discover and help promote independent artists, has been dubbed a “gamechanger” for unsigned talent by DJ Whoo Kid, a cornerstone in the American Hip Hop industry as the official DJ for 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records, CEO of Shadyville Entertainment and a popular radio personality on Eminen’s Sirius XM Shade 45 channel.

DJ Whoo Kid has created a MyMy Hip Hop Best New Emerging Artist playlist highlighting his top picks from the platform’s roster of up-and-coming hip-hop performers.

MyMy is the only streaming site which utilizes blind judging, allowing listeners to rate randomly-cued tracks without any additional information about the artist which may influence how songs are rated. Top performing tracks and artists are then promoted by the site.

One of the most prolific and influential figures in hip-hop, New York City native Whoo Kid – whose real name is Yves Mondesir – has been integral in the mainstream success of 50 Cent and other rappers and has toured internationally as both a DJ and performer. The independent artists he selects to be showcased on his MyMy Hip Hop playlist will have a chance to be featured on Whoo Kid’s radio show.

“The artists I’ve discovered on MyMy Hip Hop are 100 percent legit,” says Whoo Kid. “By featuring these tracks on my playlist, these artists will get industry exposure to agents, record producers and some of the top performers in the hip-hop industry.”

MyMy Hip Hop, launched in 2017, is the first genre-specific streaming platform from MyMy Music. The blind judging feature eliminates any potential bias related to an artist’s name, appearance, hometown, connections or any other personal information. Tracks are judged and ranked solely on the merit of the music.

“Hip-hop fans come to our app to listen to the best-undiscovered hip-hop music in the world,” said MyMy Music President Shawn Pouliotte. “When industry veterans like Whoo Kid go to our site in search for hot, new hip-hop tracks, our artists are getting the benefit of exposure they can’t get anywhere else.”

About MyMy Music
MyMy Music is a streaming music platform founded with the goal of helping emerging artists gain exposure. The application is focused on Music Discovery in a way that is new to the industry. The company embraces crowd opinion as part of the listening process. The patent-pending algorithm uses a random blind-judging process that ensures there is no bias and the outcome of judging can’t be gamed. Listeners vote based on emotion rather than association. After sufficient judging of a track, it is scored and either promoted or failed based on the crowd opinion. This method of curation has proven highly successful in capturing a large audience sentiment about a track or artist across a global audience and can then further segment that information into more granular buckets such as gender or geolocation. MyMy Music will be deploying its blind judging algorithm to other music genres in the upcoming months.
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