Can Finland Finally Earn the Top Spot in International Education? NJ MED's 7th Annual Education Poll Rankings.

The World Top 20 Project just released its 2019 first quarter rankings of the world’s best-educated countries.

Havana, Cuba, April 05, 2019 --( NJ MED released its first-quarter Seventh Annual International Rankings of the world’s best education systems for students 3 to 25 this week. The rankings represent the impact nation’s education system has on the development of its workforce and social environment.

Finland, recognized by most world experts as the world best education system, ranks number one, followed by Russia and South Korea. The rankings according to the publishers of the poll, NJ MED, is a project to support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal Initiative to promote by - Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Mr. Albert Mitchell II, CEO/Founder of NJ MED said, “Education is the basis for economic and social growth of a nation. From the time a child is born, he or she is, introduce to making decisions and becoming a part of a working unit, for the betterment of their community, and how they will fit in.”

Mr. Mitchell II added, “The World Top 20 Project education rankings represents a look at how nations are prepared and preparing for their future, and what impact education has in it. We track over 200 countries in this venture and try to identify what is working and what can be done to improve the lives of their citizens. So yet this is newsworthy.”

NJ MED first quarter rankings represent the Top 20 Nations they project to finish 2019 as the best. For more information on the Poll and the World Top 20 Project, you can visit their website.
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Shomari Moore