SocksLane Maintains a 4.9 Average Star Rating for the Past 12 Months on Amazon

Portland, OR, April 11, 2019 --( 2019 has been a good year so far for SocksLane, at only four months in thus far. Amanda and Dave Dixon continue to run a customer-focused company that knows what it can do well and does that to the best of their ability. 2018 saw SocksLane expand their product offerings to respond to customer demand, showing that the company continues to grow and evolve rather than stick to one tried-and-true idea. They do stick to the company principles of prioritizing customer satisfaction and providing quality product, however, and that has been recognized by their consumer base.

SocksLane started out producing cotton compression socks, which were well received and still are, leading to customers suggesting and asking for. However, their game plan extended beyond that -- SocksLane developed socks with a 65%/35% blend of combed cotton enhanced with Lycra and other hypoallergenic fibers. This seemingly simple design choice resulted in a product that was comfortable and posed no allergy risk, with a snug fit that allowed users proper compression and avoided the tourniquet effect.

SocksLane currently sits on with an average of 4.9 star customer reviews, suggesting their customer base not only enjoys and benefits from their product but consistently shows their love for it. This loyal follower base also appears to have had some great word of mouth as well, given that many of the reviews mention referrals and recommendations from friends and family -- which then eagerly list the features of the product they love. From comfort to ease of use to the durability of the compression socks, compression knee sleeves, and compression elbow sleeves, customers love them all. The nearly 1,200 reviews attest to the quality of the product and customers' eagerness to use them.

SocksLane products are available for purchase from the company website,, or on Amazon at
Amanda Dixon