Secure Swiss Data CEO David Bruno Shares Key Insights at Toronto Cybersecurity Conference

Addressed Issues “Posing Potential Existential Threats”

Secure Swiss Data CEO David Bruno Shares Key Insights at Toronto Cybersecurity Conference
Montreal, Canada, April 12, 2019 --( Global cybersecurity leader Secure Swiss Data’s CEO David Bruno participated at last month’s Toronto Cybersecurity Conference, sharing key insights on a range of crucial matters with other attendees. The conference, sponsored by Data Connectors, and one of 38 similar events it has scheduled this year, addressed evolving IT practices and ways to combat cyber criminals to help attendees become better informed and prepared to surmount the many inherently complex challenges of cybersecurity.

“Secure Swiss Data has been pioneering advancements in technology that will enhance the online safety and privacy of people worldwide,” Secure Swiss Data’s Bruno said. “Gatherings such as the Toronto conference not only allow colleagues and competitors to exchange information, ideas and perspectives toward essential common goals, but also permit them to improve their own operations to benefit their clients and customers throughout the world.”

Bruno added: “Through these conferences, we’ve come away with valuable industry information, advice and knowledge on the latest security breaches and proactive protectionist methods. And our participation allows us to be proactive members in the data and privacy protection industry -- focused on not just protecting users’ privacy, but securing it, too.”

Highest Stakes Involved

“Cybersecurity conferences like Toronto are of the highest importance because threats to cybersecurity raise the highest stakes – posing potential existential threats,” Bruno explained. “There’s an ongoing, fierce battle involving cybersecurity. Often, it is deceptively silent, but sometimes it explodes with attacks on vital institutions and infrastructure. The defenders of safe online information and communications and their enemies alike are in a constant struggle, meanwhile, to gain the edge in cyber capabilities.

“Ultimately, cyberattacks and cyber terrorists may have the means to destroy our way of life, the very fabric of our societies -- affecting not only every human being on earth, but all other life and the planet itself.”

Secure Swiss Data’s Services More Critical Than Ever

Secure Swiss Data, operating from both Canada and Switzerland, provides encrypted email and data services. All data is stored exclusively in Switzerland and is protected by a unique combination of services, laws, operational principles, and technology. As the number one vulnerability in any organization’s security system, email is the most concerning cybersecurity threat. Ransomware and phishing are on the rise and constantly evolving into new, harder to detect forms.

Prevention solutions and strategies are thus now, more than ever, at the forefront in every company’s security planning, along which encryption of communications. Secure Swiss Data indicates that it is “well ahead of schedule on the first of two phases in the research and development of concepts that will change the landscape of the internet’s environment.” Please visit:
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